Yet more flood misery in London – and this time the rain’s not to blame

Whilst thousands of households are still coming to terms with the devastating damage the recent floods have caused to their homes, there was yet more flooding misery in London on Thursday 27 February. This time the cause was a burst water main which, when the water mixed with mud and silt, sent filthy water cascading into people’s homes along the Clapham Road in Kennington, south London.

Firefighters were called to evacuate scores of people from their homes as the “stinky” floodwater poured from the streets into basements and lower ground floor flats. The burst water main was said to have flooded the road completely within just 10 minutes, leaving many people trapped in their residences and needing to be carried to safety.

Meanwhile, those affected by the flooding caused by the recent heavy downpours may have a long wait to return to their homes. The home insurance industry is said to have paid out some £24million since December 2013 to accommodate flood victims in hotels, B&Bs and rented housing until their own homes are ready to move back into.

Whilst it’s a truly terrible situation to be in, most can accept that bricks and mortar can be repaired and household items replaced. But what about the irreplaceable items in your home? Things like photograph albums containing precious memories, family keepsakes, antiques and even essential household documents you need to keep safe?

That’s where self-storage can be the answer. Even a small unit can accommodate all those cherished items you want to keep from harm’s way. After all, it’s not just heavy rain and burst mains that can damage your home and possessions – plumbing disasters and fires do, unfortunately, happen. So it’s well worth thinking about those things you’d hate to lose and could never replace with any amount of home insurance money. Then you’ll appreciate how a safe, secure and very affordable self-storage unit could very well be the best place to keep your treasured possessions out of harm’s way. Just take a look at our London self-storage facilities to see the range of services we offer and our latest fantastic deals.

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