Why Rent A Storage Unit?

Renting storage units to free up space in the home is extremely popular in countries like the USA and Australia, but not quite as popular here in the UK even if space is often even more of a premium on our crowded island! So why do people rent storage units?

Have you ever driven past self-storage in your local town and thought you could use it to free up some space in your house, then convinced yourself that it’s too expensive? Or your stuff wouldn’t be as secure as it is back home?
When you actually weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of using self- storage you will actually find that the advantages far outweigh any of the perceived disadvantages.

You get to hold on to memorable items
If your kids are constantly bringing home their work from school and you already have boxes full of memories from your own past packed in boxes in the attic, space can soon run out. This leaves to some tough decisions about what to keep and what not to keep. Storing them away in a self-storage facility can remove these kinds of headaches.

Space is valuable in your home
If you fill your spare room full of stuff that could be easily put into storage you are actually depriving yourself of that extra room leading to thoughts of moving to a bigger property. This will inevitably cost more money and you can never have enough space to store everything in your home.

…and if you happen to be a tenant
Not everyone is fortunate enough to own their own home, so it is often difficult to move to another rented property when an agreement ends and you only have limited time to move all your possessions. Putting items you don’t use very often – even in temporary storage – can speed the process up a lot.

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