What To Do And What Not to Do With Self Storage

If you’re planning to store away your items for a long period such as if you plan to go travelling or you will be spending a length of time overseas it’s important to know the ins and outs of self storage.

The number one concern with most people is that that when they return for goods they have in storage, those items will be exactly as they were before they went into storage. Our storage facilities will ensure this is the case as long as those goods are prepared appropriately.

One of the main considerations is packing. If you have items that can easily be damaged, then it is sensible to use plastic sheeting on the floor. This will prevent damage from things being moved around while inside the unit.

For particularly delicate items such as glass and or antiques, use bubble wrap which is far cheaper to buy by the roll than replace the items it protects. Dust sheets can also come in handy particularly if you are storing items long term.

What you shouldn’t do is forget to label boxes. Over time it is easy to forget what went where even if it seems fresh in the memory at the time. It is also worth taking great care how you store items such as furniture. A common mistake is to store sofas on their ends rather than the position they were built for. This can lead to damage.

If you need guidance on storing particular items we will of course be happy to advise.

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