The Benefits of Using Our Document Storage Service in London

Document Storage London

One of the great things about the technology progress in the modern business era is it’s now possible to reduce our dependence on printed documents. That’s why many offices have policies in place to encourage their staff to avoid printing emails, and it makes a lot of sense. Additionally, many companies use scanners to save copies of any other correspondence and then archive the original document.

However, there’s always an exception to the rule, and things like legal documents require a physical copy to be kept by law. It’s crucial that relevant documents are safe and secure, rather than put into a filing cabinet with a standard lock. Instead of trying to do this yourself, it’s better to leave it to the professionals at Fort Box where we offer a dedicated Document Storage package.

Keep Your Company’s Legal Documents Safe and Secure –

When we discuss document storage, three aspects can help highlight why it’s such an important package. The first is keeping your essential records safe. Second, protect your work and third, retaining a physical copy. And each part of this process is about protection and assurance of security for each document you store.

Keep Your Essential Records Safe – First and foremost – document storage is all about safeguarding specific official papers. This can be anything, from a will, property deeds, a car ownership registration, as well as any legal document for a company. In most cases, these are documents that require physical copies, potentially if there’s a dispute of ownership or a significant financial value is prevalent.

Protect Your Work – If you work as an architect or a similar field, you’ll most likely produce a lot of original sketch work. While it’s true that everything technical will be done on a CAD system, the original concept will probably be hand-drafted. And these conceptual, early drawings are something that many industry professionals want to protect. Additionally, blueprints may also have physical copies as a backup.

Ensure You Have a Physical Backup – Which brings us to our final point – a physical backup of these types of document is vital. Moreover, the prospect of losing work isn’t worth entertaining. And in some instances, it could be impossible to replace them. Several years ago, the NHS suffered a cyber-attack that was a major security breach. This made many companies pay more attention to the fallibility of electronic document storage.

A Range of Business Self Storage Options –

Like any industry, storage has undergone some changes in the last decade that give a different perspective. The original ethos is still its main purpose, which is the additional security storage offers. And while many work premises have things like CCTV monitoring, the typical range of security measures at somewhere like Fort Box is difficult to match.

However, this isn’t the only thing that modern storage companies are able to provide. Many businesses in London are reducing their need for larger commercial rental spaces by using storage. By renting a self storage unit from Fort Box, it’s possible to rent a smaller store to lower costs. You then use most of the store for display and the backroom for a limited number of products.

Your self storage unit then becomes the places for most of your stock and equipment. And with some careful planning, you’ll be able to use your store to attract more passing consumers. SMEs and start-up enterprises are also using storage units as alternative workspaces. In comparison to London’s commercial rental rates, a storage unit is far cheaper.

Fort Box – London’s Number One for Document Storage –

At Fort Box, the Document Storage service is one of our most popular business packages. For many businesses in London, it’s no longer necessary to fill the office with filing cabinets. Document storage offers various features to help organise your workspace. We also have a professional shredding service which guarantees your documents are safeguarded and confidential at all times.

Our facilities in Chelsea and St. John’s Wood both have top of the range security measures to ensure your company’s relevant documents are safe and secure. With twenty-four-hour digital CCTV monitoring, individually alarmed storage units with access PIN codes, vehicle plate recognition, fire and smoke detector system, our self storage facilities have excellent security.

Using Fort Box  as your off-site document storage provider is a winning combination. It opens up a lot of space in your office and workspace.  In addition, it’s the most secure way to store your valuable documents and paperwork.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put the customer first, everything else works.

If you’d like to know more about our Document Storage service, give us a call at our St. John’s Wood or Chelsea branch.