Taking storage to a whole new level!

When it comes to storage facilities, The University of Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries take some beating! Just over three years ago, the University unveiled its brand new Book Storage Facility which, at a cost of £26million, features 153 miles of shelving able to hold 8.4 million volumes.

The facility now stores the lesser-used items from the Libraries’ collections, including books, manuscripts, microfilms, maps, newspapers and periodicals. The items stored date from the 18th century onwards and, soon after the storage facility opened, the Bodleian moved over 6 million books to the new site – the biggest book move in the Libraries’ history.

The Book Storage Facility has an eleven-metre tall shelving system with different configurations to accommodate the different sizes of books and other items. Volumes are stored in 745,000 bar-coded, specially designed storage trays and boxes. Whilst the facility’s floor area is equal to 1.6 football pitches, with the innovative shelving arrangements – there are 95,000 shelf levels – the surface area for storage is actually equivalent to 16.5 football pitches!

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