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Students of Central London are taking active control of their storage needs and the safety and security of their possessions. London is an ideal setting for students – it’s a city where culture and historical, the contemporary and the classic converge, and it’s where innovation continues to drive the city. And where does this start? A great place is university, and one of the most important skillsets any future leader or entrepreneur can gain is autonomy – being able to take control of situations on our own, and this skill isn’t just something for the study or workplace, it’s something students can test out when they evaluate their storage requirements.

At Fort Box, we already cater for hundreds of students from LBS, UCL, LSE, Middlesex and Imperial College, and when we started to realise that we were becoming very popular with students, we did what we always do – we constructed a storage package and range of services specifically for students.

We have student lockers for daily and weekly storage, and we also have self storage units to keep your possessions safe and secure for times when you’re leaving London. That means you can have your own secure locker or storage unit to keep your possessions safe and also separate from your university and home life.

There’s no such thing as one price suits everyone, so Fort Box offers weekly contracts available to suit your needs, and we have a range of other offers, such as – One Month Rent Free, Free Van Collection, and we always aim to offer the most affordable rates on today’s market, and if you find a cheaper rate, we have our Low Price Guarantee offer.

The main thing to consider here is that it’s not only a good idea to ensure your possessions are safe, but it’s also about being accountable for your own storage needs, to have a separate space where you can not only store valuables, but you can keep an inventory of your possessions. Taking ownership of own storage needs promotes independence that’s vital for future entrepreneurs and business movers, no matter what qualification is being studied

And who’s to say a storage space is just somewhere to keep your possessions? Why not see what you can do with an affordable space? Some people have been able to use storage units for their e-commerce businesses, and there’s everything you would need at Fort Box to use the space as an affordable office or study.

Our Fort Box team has dedicated a lot of time to get to know and understand what our customers need from our self storage packages, and we’ve helped hundreds of students store their possessions. Fort Box’s mission is to provide the highest level of customer service to all of our customers, and to do that, we need to know what their requirements are so we can design specific packages for our customers.

The Fort Box teams understand that, when you put the student customers first, everything else works.

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