Small Business Storage Advice

There has been a huge explosion in the number of home-based businesses. Anyone with an Internet connection and a bit of spare cash can buy some goods and sell them online. The only problem is where to store the goods…

Affordable storage units are an ideal solution if you find yourself being short on space. Often when starting out in business, the garage, the garden shed or any spare space in the house ends up being used to house the numerous cardboard boxes and other packaging you need. Things can often get so cluttered it becomes impossible to tidy the house properly and self-storage for business can help relieve the burden significantly.

Not only will flexible self-storage mean you don’t get tied into long contracts as you would if you rent a warehouse for this purpose. You can simply rent storage space as an when you need it and continue to work from home.

Using self-storage for your business means you will have greater security with someone keeping an eye on things 24/7 so you have one less thing to worry about. If you buy a lot of goods in only to end up having them stolen, it can severely impact on the survival of the business.

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  1. The main thing small business should do is price compare and avoid peak times (weekends) that is how you will get the lowest price possible. I used Andrews Removals to store items from my art gallery and they offered the lowest prices by far, especially in none peak times.

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