Self Storage for Luxury Retail Business in Central London

Self Storage for Luxury Retail Business in Central London

For any business owner operating in London, you’ll understand how tricky it can be to find a suitable building with plenty of storage space. This is even more true for people to run luxury retail stores in the capital due to the necessity of location. It doesn’t just apply to the need of attracting passing trade. Having a prime location is part of the image that goes with running a company at this level. Reputation is all part of the game, and a exclusive address is crucial to luring in those dedicated followers of fashion.

London’s commercial rental rates are so high; it’s quite frightening to create a workable budget. That’s why it’s vital to see where your luxury retail store can make savings to appease your books and possibly your accountant. By renting a self storage unit with Fort Box, you’ll find an affordable option for your stock and any other products or equipment. And the best part? We have a branch at the ultra-exclusive St. John’s Wood area in London, so we’re right around the corner.

Finding the Best Self Storage in London –

If you’re currently running a luxury retail store in London, you’ll know that additional space is hard to come by. Moreover, every extra square metre will be subject to premium rates in the capital, especially in affluent of popular shopping zones. If you want more storage space for your business than you currently have, you might be thinking of upsizing. This is where storage can help keep your costs down.

Fort Box has two branches – one in Chelsea and the other is in St. John’s Wood, which serves Central London. Many of our customers have high-end businesses that require them to have a presence in the most expensive rental areas in the city. However, they can balance those costs against our affordable storage rates. We don’t charge more just because of our location.

More importantly, our St. John’s Wood branch has a specific design that allows for ease of access, loading and unpacking. You can drive up or reverse your store’s van directly in front of our convenient storage lockers. Every other larger storage unit is five to ten metres away from this point. This means you’ll be able to use your self storage unit much the same as you would an in-store room.

Fort Box works with hundreds of business customers, which includes several luxury retail companies who require a constant level of easy access. The nature of any high-end retailer is all about getting goods out to customers promptly, in addition to ensuring the security of your products when in storage. On a busy day, there might be tens of orders going out for delivery for each company. That’s a lot of movement for one customer, but the set-up of our branch makes it possible.

Value for Money & Self Storage Prices London –

At Fort Box, we keep our rates below the typical industry standard for London, especially for the locations of our branches. Typically, other storage providers in St. John’s Wood and Chelsea raise their prices because of the area. This doesn’t work for us – we believe that our clients deserve affordability and a high standard of customer service. Additionally, we have a range of special offers to help keep your bank balance happy.

You can get 50% off your first two months of storage, which would be the ideal start for renting a unit. The only condition is that you stay for a minimum of two months. We also provide a Free Van Collection. If you have items for your storage unit and you’re within three miles of one of our branches, you could be eligible for this service.

How do you know our rates are the best in London? That’s easy. For instance, if you find a cheaper rate for a similar service and unit, we’ll beat it by 5% with our Lowest Price Guarantee offer. Fort Box also has a Referral Programme because our customers have a habit of referring family members and friends when they use us. And we believe that anyone who refers a new customer deserves a reward. For any new referral, we will credit you with one week’s free storage.

For people who need Long-term storage, we can negotiate a discount for your unit. Everyone has different storage needs, and we feel that people who can commit to longer periods qualify for a reduction. We guarantee that our prices are the lowest in Chelsea and St. John’s Wood – and there is no exception. Chelsea and St. John’s Wood is very affluent postcodes and finding any storage in this area at our rates is unheard of. That’s why lots of people from the surrounding areas choose Fort Box as well.

Fort Box – The Right Storage Company for Your Luxury Retail Business –

The Fort Box team encourages feedback and are always open to suggestions if they’ll help us improve or add storage options. For us, there is no better way to create a new package than hearing what people need storage for. And we make a point of providing storage experiences that are tailor-made for each person we work with.

At Fort Box, we believe that a self storage room is an extension of your Luxury retail business. You can access your storage room whenever you need to, and your possessions are safe. Security is something we take seriously; when you store your belongings with Fort Box, you’ll have twenty-four-hour digital CCTV monitoring throughout the facility, as well as fire and smoke alarms. In addition, we have vehicle recognition technology, and each self storage unit comes with its own PIN access code.

Fort Box has two branches in St. John’s Wood and Chelsea, which are ideal locations in London’s affluent areas. You won’t be able to find this level of customer service with these prices anywhere else. Likewise, our business customers often give us feedback that the location of both facilities is crucial for their transport routes for deliveries. There are other vital onsite provisions, like internal parking, loading bays, free use of trolleys to move your stock, as well as our unbeatable security measures.

At Fort Box, we’re always available to discuss your storage requirements at any time, should you need to upgrade or downsize your storage unit. Moreover, it’s this level of flexibility that gives our customers the peace of mind that they’re in safe hands with us.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put the customer first, everything else works.

If you’re interested in renting a storage unit from us and you’d like to know more information, give us a call at our St. John’s Wood or Chelsea branch.

*Contact your closest branch for terms and conditions and storage unit specifications.