Royal Baby Storage Issues????

So today is the day that we welcome our new Princess Charlotte into the world! Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their new addition to the royal family. Her official title is Princes Charlotte of Cambridge or Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, born at St Mary’s Hospital in London on May 2nd. The birth was announced by Kensington Palace earlier today.

This week will see London celebrating this momentous occasion by turning pink! The Tower Bridge, London Eye and Trafalgar Square fountain will be illuminated pink, and there will be a gun salute in Hyde Park and the Tower of London.

Apart from all of the ceremony and celebration that comes with a royal birth, at Fortbox, we started to think about just how many presents the new princess must be receiving. Can you even start to imagine? We know that a new baby girl usually gets spoilt rotten and lavished with lots of new toys, blankets, teddy bears and so many clothes! So for a royal princess, we assume that the number of gifts that she will receive will be quite mind boggling!

And assuming that the Duke and Duchess won’t be able to recycle anything from Prince George as it will all be blue, where do you think they will store all of his old clothes? Will they even store them for future use or will they just buy new if they did have another boy? Do they buy clothes for their babies or do their staff do it for them? Will they have kept some things for sentimental value? So many questions…….

Most parents will always face the problem of whether to recycle, store or donate old baby clothes. When babies grow up so quickly, the amount of vests, socks, trousers and tops they get through, never mind the bibs, is astounding! Most of us aren’t quite as fortunate as the royals who probably don’t face storage problems, so when it comes to trying to shoehorn the buggy, car seat, high chair, baby bouncer, trike, walking frame, play mat, changing table, cot, and goodness knows how much other baby paraphernalia, into the garage or loft, this is the time you may need to start thinking about self storage.

If you really think about it, by keeping all of these things safe for baby number 2 or 3 or even 4, will be cost effective, and you don’t need to clutter up your home or break your leg climbing into the attic.

If this sounds like a familiar situation to you, call us at Fortbox to get a quote for storing all of your baby items, until you are ready for the next one!

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