How to Prepare your Business to Cope in an Uncertain Economy

How to Prepare your Business to Cope in an Uncertain Economy

How to Prepare your Business to Cope in an Uncertain Economy

One of the most important aspects of modern business is to be flexible and to be aware of market trends and issues. Even a quick daily or weekly online search of local, national and global business news is worth making time for. It’s also important to maintain a steady cash flow to make sure that your company is safeguarded against any dips in the economy or trading.

London has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the economy. This works as an advantage when it comes to predicting or foreseeing likely issues. As with any business based in the capital, if you can keep your monthly overheads lean, you can take advantage of prosperous trends and be ready for dips. It’s economic optimism while also preparing for all eventualities. 

Keeping a Manageable Budget – 

For a lot of companies based in London, one of the highest costs is their commercial rent, business, and services rates. Another sticky issue is the lack of flexibility with renting a commercial property. A typical lease can be twelve to twenty-four months which can cause a problem if you need to downsize. It also prevents you from moving to larger premises because of that lease. However, there are options to consider that might work as a viable and cheaper alternative.

How Storage Can Save Your Company Money – 

A new trend that is growing amongst independent businesses and entrepreneurs in London is alternative workspaces. Rather than being limited to one building for a year or longer, people are choosing to find cheaper and more flexible options. This can be working from your home office or a coworking space in the city centre. Some companies are teaming up to share office space to cut costs. There is one other option that is affordable and flexible, and that’s using self storage units as work premises.

For businesses that need more flexibility, using a self storage unit is the perfect fit. If you rent a self storage unit with Fort Box, you can start off with a smaller unit and upsize whenever you need to. The same goes if there are any issues. If you have a larger unit but some sudden dip in the market happens, you can downsize to a smaller unit to save cost. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about long contracts. You determine the length of time you need your storage unit for.

The comparison between the cost of a Fort Box self storage unit and a typical monthly rent in London is where you’ll see the savings. Even for a relatively cheap area of London, it can’t compare to the rates of our self storage units. If you need to choose one area of your monthly overheads to reduce, by using a self storage unit as your base of operations, you’ll significantly trim your outgoings.

Fort Box – Tailor-Made Storage Solutions – 

Fort Box works with hundreds of businesses every year. We make it our mission to form close relationships with our customers. It’s a win-win situation where we can match our self storage packages with our customers’ changing needs. We use this experience to help other people in similar situations and to add to available storage options.

The Fort Box team are always available to work with our customers should they need to up or downsize their current storage unit. It’s satisfying when a business client we’ve worked with increases their storage unit because their company is doing well. For us, this is something to celebrate. We’re part of the business community in London, and it’s part of our mission to contribute to the city’s growth.

We believe that providing an unbeatable level of service with tailor-made storage packages adds value to any business. That’s why we have repeat customers who often use one or more of our packages from our range of services.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put business customers first, everything else works.

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