Popular Reasons Why People Use Self Storage in London

Trying to make extra space in your London home is no easy task, and it doesn’t help that each square foot increases the rent or mortgage costs. That’s why thousands of people rent a Fort Box storage unit because they know it’s the ideal way to increase your living spaces. Using self storage is an excellent way to create more space at home and is more affordable than upgrading to a larger house or flat.

Fort Box has a range of storage options to suit every person and business in London. We work out of two branches and have storage clients from all over the capital and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for additional space at home, the simple way to do it without spending lots of money is Fort Box’s self storage.

Common Reasons for Using Self Storage –

Fort Box offers several essential storage options that cover domestic through to business storage, as well as everything in between. Our number one focus is to design and deliver a range of storage services to ensure that we can meet everyone’s requirements. And if there’s a gap in storage packages, we’ll create a new service.

The Fort Box Household Storage package is the perfect way to create more space at home. One of the most difficult aspects of living in London is the lack of space. For people who live in apartments, you may have little to no additional storage provisions. That’s where our household storage can be invaluable.

Fort Box also works with hundreds of businesses from all over London weekly. Regardless of the business sector, we have the flexibility to provide the right service for your company. One client recently told us that the additional space and security that using self storage offers is vital to their company. It was also apparent that the cost comparison between storage and commercial rent is significantly cheaper.

Due to improvements in technology, it’s now easy to reduce our use of printed documents. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need paper documents. For some legal records, it’s a necessity to have the physical documents on hand. Fort Box’s Document Storage package offers various features to help keep your crucial documents safe.

Fort Box works with London’s student population with our dedicated Student Storage package. We have student lockers for daily and weekly storage. And we also have self storage units to keep your possessions safe and secure for times when you’re leaving London. That means you can have your own secure locker or storage unit to keep your belongings safe and separate from your university and home life.

Other Benefits of Storage Units in London –

London is an expensive city for rental and mortgage repayments. And every extra storage space comes at a cost. That’s not to mention the price difference between a one-bed and a two-bed apartment. Self storage can open lots more room in flats, so you don’t have to compromise your living spaces.

It tends to be a truism that people who use self storage are less likely to allow clutter to accumulate in their homes. It’s a simple concept: would you pay to keep your things in storage if you don’t use or need it? The answer should be no, but it’s something we all do in our homes. Usually, because it’s more convenient to try and shove things into cupboards.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, renting a self storage unit from Fort Box can provide you with everything you need for a fraction of the cost. You can store your products and work equipment in the knowledge that they’re safe and secure from theft or damage. You can also have a desk and a computer in there, and before you know it, you have a basic, no thrills workspace.

Fort Box – London’s Number One Self Storage Company –

At Fort Box, Customer service is our number one priority.  We always go the extra mile for our customers. And due to the number of people and businesses that use us from outside our postcode, the feeling is evidently mutual. It’s also vital that we offer affordable rates so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of self storage in London.

Fort Box operates out of two branches: you can find us at Chelsea and St. John’s Wood. Both facilities are ideally located to accommodate people and businesses from all the surrounding areas, and we have customers from all over London.

Our storage packages put us well ahead of other companies in our industry. We take the time to listen to our customers and build close relationships. This helps us match their storage needs with the right package, and we can also create new services if any new needs arise from their feedback.

We provide weekly contracts and other special offers to help keep your costs low. In addition, Fort Box has the right size storage unit and packages to help you save money and create more space. No matter what your storage needs are, Fort Box has the right package for you.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put the customer first, everything else works.

If you’re interested in renting a storage unit from us and you’d like to know more information, contact our St. John’s Wood or Chelsea branch.