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E-commerce is one of the most popular up and coming sectors in modern business, and savvy entrepreneurs in London are jumping in with two feet. One of the key aspects for this is the possibility of fast returns, and if you are naturally organised and can work out what your niche is within the e-commerce industry, you can quickly have a cash flow that starts to repay your initial investment. There’s less face to face interaction needed to gain sales – a lot of e-commerce advertising and marketing is web-based, meaning you don’t have to undertake lengthy meetings and negotiations to get your start-up under way.

London is a leader in business industry, and e-commerce is a major player in the city, with a number of people opting to take what might be a hobby or a collection they built up to use as a profit-based entity. If you already have a consummate background knowledge of model trains and you’ve been purchasing them and the related materials for years, you’ll have a readymade contact list for suppliers and potential clients, so it would make perfect sense if you decided to use this knowledge and expertise for your own company – especially if you’re feeling trapped in your current job or sector. You may have had thoughts of becoming your own boss, and the e-commerce sector is a perfect route for any would-be entrepreneur.

Any new business needs to be able to operate on a well-disciplined budget, even if you’ve done the legwork and you have a decent amount of capital for investment. You need to retain as much of that invested capital as possible to allow for growth, if you need to purchase a lot of stock to sell, and you will have periods where your cash flow from purchasing stock items to selling and receiving payment spans more than one – two months.

The first twelve – twenty-four months of your start-up is a turbulent period and a lot of SMEs find themselves in and out of business within the period, and a lot of this is down to unmanageable overheads. That means that your primary goal is to survive this period, and if you break even and you’ve managed to pay yourself a modest salary, you’re already winning the new business battle.

Physical storage for the virtual business

You need a base of operations, and rather than discussing the pros and cons for basing your company out of your home, at Fort Box, we have a much better solution that will suit your e-commerce business’s needs.

By renting a self storage container from Fort Box you will create a space to store your products, so you can inventory and send out your customer’s items directly from your unit. You can use our Parcel Service to send items out, we will assist your needs by using shelving for your goods and materials, we can help to organise your storage unit to assist with inventory, and we can help to load or offload items for you.

There’s also an option to have lighting and electricity in your self storage unit, making it possible for you to have a small office, and if you need to expand, why not rent out two units, have one as a stockroom and a separate office? There’s Wifi available in our facilities, printer and fax machine, as well as a shredder – everything you’ll need for admin purposes.

And best of all – you can rent a self storage unit from Fort Box to suit your needs for an affordable price. This will help you to keep your overheads to a minimum while also creating a viable work space that will keep your work and family life separate.

We often ask our customers for feedback on what we do well, and they often tell us that they appreciate the amount of time that we take to get to know and understand their needs and requirements. By listening and working with our customers we are able to plan and create specific self storage packages that span a range of services.

We want to provide a service we would expect to receive, and by constantly working with our customers and perfecting our range of services, we’re confident that you’ll receive the highest level of customer service.

The Fort Box teams understand that, when you put the business customers first, everything else works.

Fort Box – self storage tailor-made to your requirements, with just seven days notice period and huge scalability Fort Box is ideal for Ecommerce business in central London – contact us today

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