Life changers: How to prepare for a baby and all their needs.

Not only is having a child a huge life moment, they also come with the need to create extra space around your home to fit in the new member of your family.

To remove any risk of accidents and to keep your child happily entertained, here are a few tips and tricks that would be a good start to guiding you through these special moments.

Out with the old and in with the new: creating new space
Before your baby arrives you’ll need to create extra space around your home, it may be that you need to change a bedroom into a playroom or a storage room into a bedroom. Take a look at our storage options available for those extra items you don’t need around your home – there is so much choice we’re sure there’s something there to help you out!

A baby encourages you to think about how you will store all those items you don’t want little fingers touching and how everything can be stored safety. Baskets high up on the walls or hanging baskets are a great and clever way to store toys with no risk of mess and saves even more space without the need for those dusty shelves!

Prepare for FUN!

Parents: put your creative hat on it’s half term, you’re going to need it. You’ll need to entertain the children so it’s vital that you have the kit to do fun things… why not route through your garage? You’ll no doubt have an old cardboard box! Check out these examples to give you some creative inspiration.

Children playing with cardboard box
Children playing with cardboard box car

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