How Storage Can Help When There Are Gaps Between Moving Dates

How Storage can Help Landlords in St. John’s Wood & Chelsea

How Storage Can Help When There Are Gaps Between Moving Dates

Finding the perfect home in London is worth all the hard work and negotiating. The months of searching and attending viewings now result in progressing towards your relocation date. You can almost feel those new keys nestling in your hand. The last thing you want to contemplate are any issues.

However, it always helps to put in some preparation for solutions to potential problems. That way, even if there is a delay in moving dates, it’s not a catastrophe. With some thorough organisation, you will be ready to tackle any issues head-on. That’s because you have Fort Boxin your corner, should there be any gaps in moving dates.

Choosing Storage for Bridge Gaps in Moving Dates –

There are things we can’t control, even with the most thorough organisation. Moving homes can be one of them because it usually involves more than just the buyer and seller. The seller often needs to be able to move into their next property before they can vacate the one you’re buying.

If there is a delay in your moving date, there’s no need to pull out of the sale. You most likely did a lot of hard work to get to this point. It’s worth holding out and making alternative arrangements if you feel like the house or apartment is worth it.

This is where storage comes to the rescue. By usingFort Boxto store your furniture and other items, you can look for affordable temporary accommodation to live in. Your possessions will be safe and secure from theft and damage, and you can visit your unit 24/7.

At Fort Box, we have a lot of customers who use us to bridge gaps in moving dates. They often tell us that using storage helps them get rid of any items they were holding onto but didn’t need. The time between moving dates gave them an opportunity to shop for additional furniture.

Why Storage in the Ideal Solution for Relocations in London –

At Fort Box, our mission is to provide a high level of customer servicewith options that everyone can benefit from. That’s why we have a lot more storage packages than most other companies. For us, the more choices that we offer, the easier it is to match your needs with the right storage service.

Self storage is ideal for people who are moving home, especially if there are issues with moving dates. It’s easy to start renting a unit with us, and there are no long-term contracts. You can stay as long as you need to, it’s that simple. You can start off with a small unit and upgrade if you choose to stay longer, or if you need more storage space.

Fort Box has two branches in ideal locations in London. Our Chelseaand St. John’s Woodfacilities have state of the art storage units and friendly staff, ready to assist you. Each branch has customer parking available and plenty of trolleys to help with your belongings.

Fort Box – We’re the Right Choice for Any Delays when Relocating in London –

The Fort Box teamhave the right training and experience to handle all storage situations. We work closely with our customers and are available to assist with any questions or issues. By building relationships with each person who stores with us, we understand what their needs are.

Fort Box offers the lowest storage ratesin London, as well as providing special discountsand seasonal reductions. It’s all part of our ethos that storage should be inclusive. In addition to having the best prices, we also have an unbeatable level of customer service. Everything we do is to help each customer with a service that is tailor-made for their requirements.

Security is vital to us. Our facilities in Chelsea and St John’s Wood both have top of the range of security measures to ensure anything you store with us is safe and secure. With twenty-four-hour digital CCTV monitoring, individually alarmed storage units with access PIN codes, vehicle plate recognition, fire and smoke detector system.

If you’re planning a relocation, contact us to discuss our self storage service. You never know if there will be any gaps between moving dates. Even without any delays, you can still benefit from using storage for your furniture.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put the customer first, everything else works.

Fort Box – the best self storage prices and packages in London. Contact ustoday.