How Do You Store The Kids Stuff When They Leave Home?

This is a question many parents will be asking themselves particularly at when it’s time to leave home for university and so on. The dilemma faced by most parents is what to do with their stuff?

Apparently 17% of children leave a room full of stuff behind when they leave home. Yet leaving for University and perhaps to go and rent a place for a while means that the kids are less likely to want to return home in the future.

So parents face some agonising choices. Do they simply keep the room as it is, just in case they ever want to return home? Or do they find somewhere to store all the stuff?

The first option has more disadvantages than advantages. Sure the not-so-young-kids will like the idea that there is always a backup bedroom for them if life away from home gets too tough. The problem is that the room then becomes a no-go area and if you’re pushed for space or you have plans for the room then as parents you will be stuck.

So the solution to all this is to look at the option of using a self-storage company. Rates are actually quite affordable for long term storage and if the kids really do decide to return home after university even if it’s for the summer, you will at least have all their stuff available in storage while you keep the house tidy for the rest of the year.

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