Heading home for the summer? Keep everything safe & sound with student storage units London.

Summer, summer, summer time. 🙂 It’s good to be heading home after a semi hard year of studying. (Well it can’t all be work, work, work, can it?) It’s time to hang up your scholar’s cap for a few months and get ready for some serious downtime. Just one small problem? Where to store everything whilst you’re away! With Fortbox student storage units London, you can head back home for the summer without a worry in the world. Whether it’s storage for your books, computer, TV, or bike, or storage for everything whilst you find your next home for the new academic year, Fortbox student storage units London have it covered.

Safe & secure student storage units London

So many students worry about leaving their valuables in their rented home over the summer, but don’t want to pester their parents. (Mum and dad aren’t really up for hauling everything back from uni in their new convertable!) Student storage units London are the best all round solution, and you can choose a storage unit London that’s just the right size for your stuff.
Our student storage units London start from 10 sq.ft – perfect for stacking away all those study books and paraphernalia, along with your prized possessions too, your PC, DVD, TV, games consoles…all your band gear as well if you want. Whatever you don’t want to drag back home, but is really precious to you. Whatever you need from your student storage unit London, Fortbox has it. Super secure, our storage units have 24/7 surveillance, and come with individual alarms, a personal pin and padlock. So you can have complete confidence that all your student storage London is well protected… Whether it’s all summer long, or just for a couple of weeks, Fortbox storage units London are completely flexible.

Looking for student storage units London? Save money – share the cost!

Why not share storage units with friends?

At Fortbox we’ve student storage facilities that can accommodate a complete housefull of stuff! So if you’re renting with friends, why not get them to store their belongings too, and share the cost? You could get a large storage unit London for half the price! Within each student storage unit London you can have customised shelving, lighting and electrical points, to help you organise it exactly as you like!

So if you’re looking for student storage units London, look to Fortbox storage units first. Drop us an email to find out more about our extensive range of student storage units and our services.

Wondering what to do over the summer? Once you’ve sorted your student storage problem, beat the boredom with these top tips!:

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