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Fort Box Self Storage London
Fort Box Self Storage London

For any up and coming company, it’s essential to partner with companies and individuals who help growth and stability. The future of business does not have a set course. It’s interchangeable, and all new, independent businesses can benefit from working with similarly minded enterprises. This can range from things like shared premises to sharing networks and referrals.

London is on the cusp of many of the innovations for national and global trends. This often comes with other obstacles like increased commercial rental rates. Keeping your independent company lean will help to have a workable cash flow, which is vital.

Partner Up – Being Positive and Proactive – 

Regardless of business sector, it’s essential to work with the right people. A lot of this can’t be predicted, and there will be trial and error along the way. There will be some signs to look out for, especially if your business relies on purchasing of parts or goods.

The first thing to check is online reviews. Do they have any? If they don’t, or they have a couple of five-star reviews, approach with caution. Most credible companies in London are more than happy to show their reviews. The ones that aren’t might be hiding something.

However, don’t let this put you off. You need to partner up with the right people and enterprises. They’ll be a big part of your future success and growth, but it’s right to make sure they’re the right fit for you. Look for companies that have similar goals or share a like-minded approach, even if it’s just their charitable work

Independent Companies and Fort Box – 

One of the best ways to keep your running cost low is to rethink what sort of workspace you need. If your company has products, you’ll need storage space. However, that doesn’t mean you need to rent a larger building with an office attached. If you try and do that in London, your overheads will be significant and potentially unmanageable.

Fort Box works with several independent companies that use our facilities as their base of operations. Some of them start off using a small self storage unit as their company’s headquarters to keep costs down while they grow. One client started off with a 50-square-foot storage unit. Due to their steady growth, they now use a 250-square-foot unit, and they’ve noted that the transition was made more accessible by our staff’s ability to understand their new requirements.

Renting a self storage unit to keep costs low makes sense. With the commercial rental prices in London being very high, it creates issues for start-ups and SMEs. If you rent a self storage unit from Fort Box, you’ll have everything you need for a fraction of the cost. You can store your products and work equipment in the knowledge that they’re safe and secure from theft or damage. You can also have a desk and a computer in there, and before you know it, you have a basic, no thrills workspace.

Fort Box – The Perfect Business Partnership in London – 

At Fort Box, we work with hundreds of business owners every year. One aspect we work hard of achieving is building close relationships with our customers. That’s how we’ve created all our storage packages. We talk to everyone who uses our facilities to see what brought them to use our company. What sort of storage they require and if they need related services.

For us, working with our customers is a partnership. Our success depends on happy clients who can achieve their goals. We believe that providing an unbeatable level of service with tailor-made storage packages will assist SMEs and independent companies progress to their next target in their journey.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put independent businesses first, everything else works.

Fort Box – self storage tailor-made to your requirements – contact us today.