De-cluttering is the key to a harmonious relationship.

We’re all guilty of ‘always being right’ but it seems that more than half of British couples living together regularly fight over just what constitutes clutter in the home.

Almost a clutter argument a week!

According to Anjula Mutanda, a relationship psychologist, an average of 32 rows a year are caused when co-habiting couples fight over rooms that are overloaded with possessions.

So what gives?

Anjula details that a typical couple will throw away approximately £240 of ‘stuff’ that either one or the other would rather keep – and this in the first year of living together.

And what typically has to go?

Men typically have to say goodbye to sports gear and women usually have to forego (what were once) precious sentimental items.

And Anjula’s advice…

“Inviting someone to live with you can feel a bit like being invaded by someone else’s belongings,” ………..“Any perceived violation of this by your partner can cause tensions – instead, try to negotiate as much as possible on what stays and goes, and be prepared to compromise.”


Alternatively, there’s always the opportunity to store items that ‘you just can’t bear to part with’ and Fortbox has the answer

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