Archive your files and free up your office space!

We were so pleased to be able to help a large Property Management Company with their file storage in Oxford last week. They had boxes of files accumulating in their office making working conditions difficult, but from time to time they needed access to them.

While we know from experience that self storage is incredibly practical, for companies it can be inefficient to be sending staff out to pick up files. Our free retrieval and pick up service is of great benefit to this customer, they just send a quick email with the list of items required and we’re able to drop them off and collect new items to be stored whilst we’re there, thus clearing valuable office space.

When it came to the initial move to our purpose built storage facility, we were able to arrange the complete move free of charge using our specialist transport partners. This enabled all of their staff to carry on with their work while we took responsibility for the removal itself.

If their document storage needs change we also offer very flexible storage terms. Should they need to grow their storage we have a large selection of storage units available to add or change to. Or when the time comes to dispose of document archives we’re able to help with our professional shredding service, which is free to all our customers

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