Apartment Storage Tips

Living in an apartment is great if it’s big and you’re a minimalist kind of person. But what happens when you begin to outgrow it and like many people in the UK you’re stuck in it because you can’t afford to move out and buy a house? Fear not, there may still be plenty you can do to maximise the small space you have.

The key to getting the most out of your apartment is to make use of secret storage spaces. If the sliding wardrobes are crammed full and you don’t have any outdoor space, you will be surprised what you can tuck away in smaller secret places.

Of course if you pack an apartment with furniture that doesn’t double up as storage then you might be in trouble or it may be time to invest in furniture that does the trick.

Choosing a bed with some drawers in is ideal because simply storing stuff loose under a standard bed will not make the best use of what can be a considerable storage space.

Then think about introducing a sofa that has built in storage space and other furniture items such as ottomans and chests which not only make a feature, but also provide home for a lot of items you will need to find on a regular basis.

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