5 Things You Shouldn’t Keep In a Storage Unit

Our self-storage units are suitable for a vast range of items you might want to store away for a time when you have more room. But there are some items you definitely wouldn’t take to any reputable self-storage facility.

You can’t live in self storage
We like to think our self-storage units are the best around, but you can’t live in them. There have been unusual cases where people have bedded down for the night in storage units to save on accommodation costs.

No animals
Under no circumstances should pets be kept in a storage unit. Animals deserve to be treated kindly but you still hear stories of pets being kept in storage even though it is illegal to do so.

Explosives and weapons
Again it’s common sense not to think of your storage unit as a place to store a machine gun, pistol, hand grenade or other device which could be aimed at causing people harm.

Illegal substances
Anything that could be considered illegal substance such as drugs or counterfeit goods should not be stored in a self-storage unit. If these goods are found on the premises it will be the responsibility of the person storing them to explain to police how they got there.

It surprises some people to find that food can’t be stored in a storage unit. The unit needs to comply with the proper regulations to make it suitable for storing food although canned goods can be allowed depending on what they are.

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