Storage for Engineers in London with Fort Box

Whether you work for an engineering firm or as a freelance engineer, you’ll need a place to store your equipment. For some companies, storage and workspace are available to use as you please. However, for some small and medium operations, space for work and storage can be an issue. Additionally, freelance engineers may not have a dedicated workspace and often use their home for this purpose.

For engineers in London, this can present a few obstacles when it comes to creating more space work and store your things. The one aspect of engineering, no matter what type, is that equipment and materials are often costly. That means they need secure storage to protect them from damage and theft. Fortunately, there is a solution to assist all engineers in London. And that’s to use an offsite storage provider like Fort Box.

Secure Storage for All Engineers in London –

There are numerous benefits to using storage, and that’s why Fort Box works with hundreds of people and businesses every year. If we were to choose what the main advantage is, we would always say it’s the additional level of security.

When you store your possessions with Fort Box, you’ll have 24-hour digital CCTV monitoring throughout the facility, as well as fire and smoke alarms. In addition, we have vehicle recognition technology, and each self storage unit comes with its own PIN access code.

You can safeguard your engineering equipment and materials, no matter what size or value. Fort Box offers state of the art storage units, set within entirely secure facilities. It doesn’t matter what type of engineer you are; our storage options will cover your needs.

Fort Box has two branches which are in ideal locations for busy engineers in London. We work out of our Chelsea and St. John’s Wood Branches. Both provide top-end storage units with all the security features you’d expect from London’s best storage provider. Our staff are always available to assist with any issues, and we have all the right trolleys and equipment, so you can quickly drop off and collect your things.

You can access your storage unit 24/7, which is ideal for those early starts and late finishes. In a nutshell – you get the peace of mind that your equipment is safe. And you can load and offload your equipment and materials whenever you want.

How Storage Can Create More Workspace in London –

If you run an engineering company with a warehouse or factory, you might be looking for more space. Especially if you have specific jobs which require a lot of materials and you’re running out of room. This is where storage comes in handy. You can create more space instantly without having to do any problematic jobs while competing for space.

Engineering companies often accumulate a lot of documents and blueprints, and many need to be kept in archives for a certain period. This can lead to an office full of tube containers full of designs and full filing cabinets. One way of organising your essential paperwork is to use Fort Box’s Document Storage option. There is no better way to store your documents to ensure that they don’t take up space, in addition to safeguarding them from damage.

For freelance engineers who don’t have office or warehouse space, storage units can act as your base of operations. What more do you need, other than a secure place to store your equipment? You can put in a desk, an office chair, a computer and a router and you have yourself an affordable office and storage space.

At Fort Box, we have a range of storage options to suit all types of businesses, including engineering firms and freelancers. With storage, there are no strict contracts of leases. You can store with us for as long or as short a period as you need to. Not only that, but it’s a lot cheaper than the commercial rental price in London.

Fort Box – We’re London’s Number One Commercial Storage Provider –

At Fort Box, we believe that putting our customers first is a winning ethos. By making customer service our number one priority, we can build close relationships with our customers. This not only gives them the service they deserve, but it helps us improve and create new storage packages.

Our branches at Chelsea and St. John’s Wood are kitted out with all the best security features. To us, security is the foundation of storage. That’s why we pay so much attention to it. In addition to our security features, we have parking available, loading bays, and use of trolleys to offload your equipment.

Many of our customers tell us that they enjoy being able to speak to the same members of staff when they visit. Not only that, but they feel comfortable discussing aspects of their storage needs without being pressured. If we have a suggestion for a more suitable storage package, we will talk to our customers. But this is always done in a friendly and informative manner.

The Fort Box team is here to create a storage service that is tailor-made for your needs. If you need a small space where you can keep your engineering equipment safe that is also affordable, we have the right unit for you. If your engineering firm is relocating to another warehouse, but you need storage for a month between moving dates, no problem. Whatever your storage needs are, we can accommodate them.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put the customer first, everything else works.

Fort Box – self storage tailor-made to your requirements – contact us today.