Home Inventory Apps

Home Inventory Apps

Home Inventory Apps

Is your home getting cluttered and you never seem to know where you’ve put things? Or maybe you have a garage or loft full of unlabelled boxes, and you’re dreading the time where you must brave the mammoth task of sorting it all out? Fear not – there’s always a way to make life easier now, and technology has provided us all with a cheap and easy way to keep an inventory that you can update and save with a minimal amount of effort and that by downloading a home inventory app.

Home Inventory – Why Keep One? –

The general reason for checklists or any list is because of a particular task we need to do – so why would we choose to make a list of everything in our home without reason? Seems like a lot of work and more importantly, a time-consuming and dull undertaking.

Although they might initially feel like a waste of time, home inventory lists are a great way of organising your possessions and other household appliances, which helps when you need to replace things, or you’re planning on moving. Insurance companies always ask for detailed lists for contents insurance – if you have all that information on an inventory list, you’ll save yourself a lot of time by having it prepared.

And best of all, you don’t need to do everything manually. There are so many home inventory templates online, and if you want something even better, you can download a home inventory app for your mobile phone.


The Best Home Inventory Apps –

Some home inventory apps are free to download, some are a once-off payment, but you’ll never pay more than a couple of pounds for one, and the number of features that they offer are astounding.

Here are a few you should check out –

Encircle is free, and it’s available for iPhone and Android devices, and it allows you to document your items visually which you can add notes too. It’s perfect for home inventory purposes, and landlords and insurance companies use the app to streamline their inventory process.

Know Your Stuff is a non-profit app that allows you use without pop-up ads. You can list all your belongings and have accurate records per room, and if you have more than one property, you can list by house or apartment.

Home Inventory is an award-winning app that does it all, even down to allowing its users to upload receipts and proof of purchase, any related warranty documents and even user manuals. It can be used for things like contents insurance and even for estate planning purposes.


Fort Box – the Best Storage in London –

At Fort Box, we always encourage our customers to try and organise their possessions as much as possible. It saves a lot of time and effort for things like insurance, and you always have a good idea of when certain appliances may need maintenance, and for things like insurance claims, a home inventory app is a perfect way to share this information. With the additional advantage of having a visual plan of your contents, it’s an excellent way to provide information to the police in unfortunate circumstances of break-ins and theft.

Your possessions are not just things – they’re things you grow to depend on, and in sometimes their sentimental value makes them very precious to us. The best way to ensure that your possessions are safe from damage or theft is to store them with Fort Box.

Fort Box has a variety of storage units you can choose from, so if you need to store something small at ten sq ft all the way up to two-hundred sq ft, we have the self storage unit to fit your requirements. We offer weekly contracts, and we have a range of other offers, such as – One Month Rent Free, Free Van Collection, and we always aim to provide the most affordable rates on today’s market, and if you find a cheaper rate, we have our Low Price Guarantee offer.

The Fort Box ethos is to build close relationships with our customers, and we believe that it’s this level of personal service that has helped us create the best self storage packages available. Our customers are always greeted by people they know, and they can discuss any additional requirements with them without feeling pressured. By listening to our customers, we have shaped our storage packages to ensure that we can provide a holistic range of services to suit everyone’s needs.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put the customer first, everything else works.

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