The Cheapest Self Storage in Chelsea and Fulham

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If you’re looking into renting a self storage unit, price is something that will help make your decision because we all want a good deal. That’s where lots of people fall into the trap of price comparison sites, and it becomes more about value or service delivery. However, it’s equally important to only book with a company with a good reputation for customer service and a range of storage options.

Fortunately for people in London, there’s a company that excels in customer care and has affordable storage solutions for everyone. Fort Box operates from two branches and offers the best self storage options and prices for customers in Chelsea and Fulham. You won’t find a better set of storage packages at cheaper prices than Fort Box.

Affordable Self Storage in Chelsea and Fulham –

At Fort Box, we keep our prices low so that everyone in Chelsea and Fulham can enjoy the benefits of storage. And while it’s natural to assume that lower prices mean a reduced standard of service, our team sees things differently. We believe that it’s possible to combine both and still be one of London’s most successful storage providers. In fact, it’s because of this way of thinking that we are a success.

If you live in Chelsea or Fulham, you might qualify for our Free Van Collection service. Anyone who lives within a three-mile distance from our Chelsea or St. John’s Wood branch can request a free collection of their possessions for transport to our depot.

The Fort Box lowest Price Guarantee means if you find a lower price for a similar service, we’ll match and then reduce it by 5%. And no good deed shall go unrewarded. By referring a family member, friend or colleague, we’ll credit you with one week’s free storage. Additionally, we have further discounts available for long-term storage customers. It all adds up to an unbeatable number of discounts and savings available to our customers.

Our Range of Self Storage Solutions in London –

For many of Chelsea and Fulham’s residents, finding extra space can be tricky. Like most areas in London, every additional square foot is valuable and requires some deft furniture arrangement. That’s why Fort Box has some many customers in both locations. Our range of storage solutions makes it possible to create a lot of space at home without breaking the bank.

This is especially true for people who live in a one or two-bed apartment in Chelsea or Fulham, but this extends to homeowners as well. Self storage can help people reclaim their spare room, garage or loft back from boxes and piles of things that are hardly ever in use. You might even decide to spruce the spare room up for guests or convert the garage to add another bedroom.

People from all over London use both branches due to the higher standard of service. Although our Chelsea branch is in South West London, we work with clients from all over the capital. That’s because Fort Box has a range of storage options to suit every type of storage requirement. All our storage units are based on one floor to avoid having to navigate awkward lifts or stairs. And all the loading bays are under the roofing to provide additional cover when unloading your belongings.

Fort Box – London’s Best Self Storage Provider –

Fort Box is known throughout London as the company that values our customer’s individual needs when we suggest storage packages. We listen to feedback in detail and base our future storage services on this. For us, it’s all about creating as many storage options as possible. The more choice we can offer makes it possible for us to cater to many variations of storage requirements.

Fort Box works with hundreds of homeowners, tenants, students and businesses every year in London, and we always get to know our customers. Our focus is on providing excellent customer service, and part of that is providing tailor-made storage solutions. Fort Box’s priority is to make your storage experience as easy as possible.

At Fort Box, we believe that self storage is the best solution for adding more space at home. Although we have two branches in very affluent areas like Chelsea and St. John’s Wood, our prices remain affordable. Moreover, we offer the cheapest self storage in Chelsea and Fulham. And this can only be matched by our excellent level of customer service.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put the customer first, everything else works.

If you’re interested in renting a storage unit from us and you’d like to know more information, give us a call at our Chelsea branch.