Using Storage for Your Sports or Craft Hobbies in London

Everyone likes to spend their time off work doing something they look forward to. And for many Londoners, that means enjoying in their favourite hobby. For anyone who hasn’t thought of trying out a hobby before, you’re in luck as London is the place to be for downtime. The capital has so much going on there is one hundred percent likelihood you’ll find something that matches your tastes and budget. Whether you’re an outdoors person with a love of being active or a movie buff who loves new releases, you’ll find your niche in London.

You might have a hobby or activity in mind, but it requires you to make extra space at home to accommodate it. And in London, space is tricky to free up and always comes at a premium cost to upgrade to a larger property. Fear not – there is an affordable way to start a new hobby, and that’s by using storage. Fort Box works with hundreds of people every year who rent one of our self storage units solely for their hobby.

Finding Storage for Your Hobbies in London –

We wrote a previous blog on using storage for hobbies in London because we always take time to speak to our customers. By doing this, we know what their storage needs are and why they are renting a unit from us. And in this instance, we found out that people using storage for their current hobbies. Hopefully, by posting that blog, we managed to encourage a few of our followers and clients to take up something new in the process.

The ethos of using storage for your hobby or interests is simple – it’s an affordable space where you can concentrate if you don’t have that presently. For some people, they need a secure place to keep their equipment. And a lot of our outdoors and sports customers rent self storage units for this exact purpose. It’s possible to use their garage of loft, but they don’t receive the higher standard of security that storage offers.

Then, there are others who need an actual space which has enough solitude to concentrate. At Fort Box, we work with hundreds of such people every year, and it’s refreshing to see people using our storage units for something they’re passionate about. We have people who use their storage unit for house their Warhammer collectable figures, artists who need a place to store their work, and many other examples.

Other Perks of Using Self Storage in 2019 –

Without a doubt, storage’s primary purpose is the additional level of security it offers people who need to protect their possessions. And let’s face it, hobbies can often entail expensive equipment or products. With this in mind, many of our customers feel more comfortable if their things are safe and secure in a Fort Box self storage unit.

Security is a crucial part of our business, and we take it very seriously. Our facilities in Chelsea and St. John’s Wood both have top of the range security measures to ensure anything you store with us is safe and secure. With twenty-four-hour digital CCTV monitoring, individually alarmed storage units with access PIN codes, vehicle plate recognition, fire and smoke detector system.

Storage is also popular with business or frequent travellers as they have the peace of mind their belongings are in a secure location. Many of our customers are collectors with some impressive items they want to take care of. And like many people, space at home was becoming a problem. Rather than doing the unthinkable and selling their collections, they took up a storage unit with Fort Box.

Fort Box – London’s Number One Self Storage Provider –

The best things about hobbies are that they’re individual to you and what you enjoy. You don’t need to become a golfing pro or start a massive vinyl collection. It can be something as simple as joining a group of people who go to a theatre production every week. However, for some people, their hobby of choice comes with a need for space, and that’s where we come to the rescue.

Fort Box offers a range of storage options that will suit anyone’s requirements, and we have a lot of different sizes of storage units to choose from. We’re known for being flexible and providing the highest standard of storage service in London. So, if you find that you need a larger or smaller storage unit – we can upgrade or downsize at any time.

At Fort Box, we have excellent storage solutions, as well as the best prices in London. Not only that, we can deliver the highest standard of customer service in the capital. It’s vital that we can create a storage service that is tailor-made for your needs that match the requirements for your specific hobby. And we’re confident that we have everything you need to accommodate you.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put the customer first, everything else works.

If you’re interested in renting a storage unit from us and you’d like to know more information, contact our St. John’s Wood or Chelsea branch.