What Do People Use Self Storage for in London?

What Do People Use Self Storage for in London?
What Do People Use Self Storage for in London?

Although the concept of self storage began in the 1960s, it wasn’t until thirty years later until its popularity grew. Since the 2000s, self storage has become a massive part of everyday life, for people and businesses across London. It’s as easy as finding a reliable company, renting a unit which you can visit anytime you need to.

Like most capital cities, finding extra space in London is challenging and often an expensive pursuit. If you want to find a property with a spare room, you can expect you see your rent amount increase by up to fifty percent. Which is one of the many reasons why people often choose to store their possessions in self storage.

Some Examples of Why People Use Self Storage in London –

Fort Box offers various storage options that cover household through to business storage and everything in between. It’s our primary purpose to design and deliver a range of storage services to ensure that we can meet our customer’s requirements.

Our household storage package is an ideal way to create more space at home. One of the most challenging things about living in London is how we utilise our living spaces. For people who live in apartments, you may have little to no additional storage spaces. That’s where our household storage can be invaluable. Using a 50-square-foot storage unit is the equivalent of an entire room. You can also ensure that your valuable and irreplaceable items are safe from theft or damage by using storage.

Hundreds of businesses in London use Fort Box for all their commercial storage needs every year. One client recently told us that the additional space and security that using self storage offers is vital to their company. Just like our domestic customer, businesses also find it difficult to match suitable workspaces with their monthly rent costs. Self storage is an affordable way to solve that issue.

The modern business era has made it possible to reduce our use of printed documents. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need paper documents. For some legal records, it’s a necessity to have the physical documents on hand. It’s crucial that relevant documents are safe and secure. Fort Box’s document storage offers various features to help make the transition from an overcrowded office to an organised workspace.

Fort Box also caters for London’s student population with our tailor-made student storage package. We have student lockers for daily and weekly storage, and we also have self storage units to keep your possessions safe and secure for times when you’re leaving London. That means you can have your own secure locker or storage unit to keep your belongings safe and separate from your university and home life.

Fort Box also works with people who use our storage units for their hobbies. Limited space at home doesn’t mean you should compromise or give up your hobby. Renting a self storage unit will make you enough space to store your equipment so you can enjoy what you love. A self storage unit from Fort Box is the perfect place to store things like vinyl collections. You can also use a storage unit as an alternative art studio or study.

How Self Storage Can Help Create More Space –

For people who live in apartments complexes, space can come at a premium. London is one of the most expensive cities for rent, and every extra storage space comes at a cost. That’s not to mention the price difference between a one-bed and a two-bed apartment. Self storage can open lots more room in flats, so you don’t have to compromise your living spaces.

One thing that we’ve found is that people who use self storage are less prone to allowing clutter to take over their homes. That’s because they tend to keep an inventory of their possessions after they start renting a storage unit with us. It’s a simple concept: would you pay to keep your property in storage? If that answer is yes, then keep them. However, if it’s something you’re just keeping for the sake of it, it’s better to get rid.

With the commercial rental prices in London being very high, it creates issues for start-ups and SMEs. If you rent a self storage unit from Fort Box, you’ll have everything you need for a fraction of the cost. You can store your products and work equipment in the knowledge that they’re safe and secure from theft or damage. You can also have a desk and a computer in there, and before you know it, you have a basic, no thrills workspace.

Fort Box –  Providing the Best Self Storage in London –

Fort Box operates out of two branches: you can find us at Chelsea and St. John’s Wood. Both facilities are ideally located to accommodate people and businesses from all the surrounding areas, and we have customers from all over London.

Security is something we take seriously; when you store your possessions with Fort Box, you’ll have 24-hour digital CCTV monitoring throughout the facility, as well as fire and smoke alarms. In addition, we have vehicle recognition technology, and each self storage unit comes with its own PIN access code.

Our storage packages out us well ahead of other companies in our industry. We take the time to listen to our customers and build close relationships. This helps us match their storage needs with the right package, and we can also create new services if any new needs arise from their feedback.

Customer service is our number one priority, and we always go the extra mile for our customers. It’s also vital that we offer affordable rates so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of self storage in London. We provide weekly contracts and other special offers to help keep your costs low. In addition, Fort Box has the right size storage unit and packages to help you save money and create more space. No matter what your storage needs are, Fort Box has the right package for you.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put the customer first, everything else works.

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