New Import/Export Enterprises in London– How Self Storage in Central London Can Help

Many of us have had those moments where we’re sat at work, looking at the tasks for that day and thinking, ‘I wish I could be my own boss’. The good news is – it’s easier than ever to start your own small business venture. Even if your business concept involves quite complex like importing and exporting, you can start preparing today. Starting your enterprise in London is possible.

London is a bustling hub of business activity, and the city is a fertile environment for any new business. Although competition is stiff in the capital, there is no shortage of opportunities here for those who can handle hard work. You’ll find every business sector has some representation in London, which includes companies who import and export goods.

How Central London Storage Can Work for Your New Enterprise –

If you’re already looking at import/export aspects of your business, chances are you’re well on your way to creating your new enterprise. The one thing you’ll need to consider is where your business will operate from. Commercial rental is expensive in central London, and unless you find a bargain, you’ll be paying over the odds.

There is a much cheaper option that is ideal for any new enterprise that needs to keep costs low, and that storage. You can join the growing trend of entrepreneurs and start-up SME owners who use storage units as their base of operations. This is the perfect solution for a company the relies on import/export for goods and products.

You can use a section of your storage unit for your products and equipment. And the remaining space can be your alternative office. All you need is a desk, a chair, a computer and some other small items. We have onsite Wi-Fi, and it would also be possible to have an LTE router to have a reliable internet connection.

Fort Boxhas various storage units available in sizes from 10-sq-ft all the way up to 200/ 1,170-sq-ft, depending on which branch you use. Our facilities are designed to ensure you can load and unpack your goods efficiently. It’s also possible to upgrade or downsize your storage unit whenever you need to.

Fort Box has two branches in St. John’s Woodand Chelsea, which are ideal locations for any business which requires a lot of free movement for logistics purposes in and around areas like the  West End, Central London, Mayfair, Kensington. Our business customers often give us feedback that the position of both facilities is crucial for their transport routes for deliveries. There are other vital onsite provisions, like internal parking, loading bays, free use of trolleys to move your stock, as well as CCTV monitoring and individual PIN codes for your storage unit.

Security is vital to us. Our facilities in Chelsea and St John’s Wood both have top of the range of security measures to ensure anything you store with us is safe and secure. With twenty-four-hour digital CCTV monitoring, individually alarmed storage units with access PIN codes, vehicle plate recognition, fire and smoke detector system.

Excellent Storage Deals to Help Keeps Costs Low –

Fort Box’s Lowest Price Guaranteeis how do you know our rates are the best in London. If you find a cheaper rate for a similar service and unit, we’ll beat it by 5%. And if you have items for your storage unit and you’re within three miles of one of our branches, you should take advantage of our *Free Van Collection service.

Our customers have a habit of referringfamily members and friends when they use us. And we believe that anyone who refers a new customer deserves a reward. For any new referral, we will credit you with one week’s free storage. And for people who need storage for more extended periods, we can negotiate a discount for your unit. Everyone has different storage needs, and we feel that people who can commit to longer periods qualifyfor a reduction.

Currently, we’re offering you 50% off your first two months – that’s a considerable saving. This would be ideal for people who need temporary storage but can’t afford it. The only condition is that you stay for a minimum of two months. We have regular seasonal discounts, as well as overall low prices.

Fort Box – London’s Favourite Business Storage Provider –

For anyone who’s starting their new business venture, it’s crucial to consider ways to start with a manageable monthly outgoing. And that’s where renting a storage unitas an alternative workspace would be applicable. The cost of commercial rental in London is high. One day you will need to consider this route, but the more affordable option is the best way to start.

Another favourable aspect of using storage for your businessis you don’t have to worry about a long-term lease. It’s possible for you to use our storage for as long as you need to. There is no obligation or pressure – we are happy to accommodate you to fit around your needs.

Fort Box workswith hundreds of people who start their own business every year in London, and we always get to know our customers. Our focus is on providing excellent customer service, and part of that is proving tailor-made business storage. The Fort Box teambelieves that our customers are the best people to help us improve our storage service. That’s why we encourage feedback and are always open to suggestions.

At Fort Box, we know that we have excellent storage options, as well as the best prices in London. However, that only matters if we can match both things with outstanding customer service. We excel in this area because customer service is of paramount importance to each member of our team.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put the customer first, everything else works.

If you’re interested in renting a storage unit from us and you’d like to know more information, give us a call at our St. John’s Woodor Chelseabranch.

*Contact your closest branch for terms and conditions and storage unit specifications.

Moving Your Belongings to Our Low-Cost Self Storage Facilities in London

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Although living in London is a unique and different experience for each person, there is usually a collective wish everyone shares. And that’s for a bit more space. Because London is such a cosmopolitan and vibrant city, that means it’s in high demand. This always pushes up prices and additional space comes at a premium. However, there are still ways to increase or improve your living spaces.

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How Storage Can Help When There Are Gaps Between Moving Dates

How Storage Can Help When There Are Gaps Between Moving Dates

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London Self Storage Special Offers for Fort Box Customers this Summer

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Storage for Engineers in London with Fort Box

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Storage for Videography and Film Production Companies in Central London

Storage for Videography and Film Production Companies in Central London

Any business owner that operates in London will know that it’s difficult to find an affordable workspace. That’s why many companies use their homes to work and store their equipment. It reduces the overheads from renting a commercial warehouse or office, which are extremely pricey in London. However, depending on the type of business you run, this can put your equipment at risk.

For videography and film production companies, the value of each piece of equipment is costlier than most SMEs in other sectors. One high-quality camera can cost thousands, making it vital that they don’t sustain any damage or theft. Although most companies will have some level of contents insurance, it doesn’t always provide the cover people expect.

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Storage for Central London with Fort Box

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It’s not all doom and gloom. Like all obstacles and issues we face, there are always alternative options. People in Central London are benefiting from using storage to create more space at home. And by using Fort Box for their storage needs, they’re able to get an affordable service that suits their circumstances.

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