We Offer the Cheapest Self Storage in Chelsea

We Offer the Cheapest Self Storage in Chelsea

If you’re looking for storage space in London, you might find that it’s costly. This is especially true for people who need storage in Chelsea and the surrounding areas. With every sought-after postcode comes an adage of costs for every square metre of space. This can make the prospect of using storage in certain parts of London a non-starter.

However, there is one company that leads the way in customer service for storage. Fort Box not only provides excellent customer service, but we also make sure that our rates are affordable. And to make things even better, we have storage facilities in two of London’s most affluent areas.

The Best Prices for Storage in Chelsea and the Surrounding Areas –

At Fort Box, we keep our prices low so that everyone who needs storage can afford it. Storage is something that can benefit every person and business, so we like to be inclusive with our pricing. In addition to this, we always ensure that the service we deliver attains the very highest level of customer service.

One of the savings you can expect from us is 50% off for your first two months of storage. We already have the lowest prices in Chelsea and the surrounding areas. With this sizeable discount, you won’t find a more affordable, high-quality storage experience anywhere in London.

It will come as no surprise that we cater for customers from Earls Court, Fulham and Kensington. Word of mouth referrals attracts people from the surrounding places near Chelsea. Additionally, a lot of our new customers are told to us by their family and friends. A lot of people store with us for our unbeatable prices. They stay with us for many months and years because of our customer service.

Why Customer Service is Important in London –

It’s a natural assumption that lower prices for any service mean a weaker standard of service. The Fort Box team see things differently. We believe that it’s possible to combine both and still be one of London’s most successful storage providers. In fact, it’s because of this way of thinking that we are a success.

We actively encourage feedback from our customers to see where we’re doing well, as well as areas we could improve on. One of the striking things that people say makes us different from other storage companies is that they can rely on us. Some have been to several companies before finding Fort Box and state that it’s difficult to find a reliable company.

The Fort Box team uses any feedback we receive to help create new storage packages and improve our existing service. A very popular adage of our storage service is the Free Van Collection service. We will collect the items from your home and transport them to your storage unit for free. Furthermore, we have a storage package to suit everyone at affordable prices.

Fort Box – We Always Put Our Customers First –

At Fort Box, we work with our customers to build relationships, and we put ourselves in their position to work out what services they would need. This helps us shape our storage packages, and it’s essential that we are approachable.

Many people state that previous storage companies always had high staff turnover and you would never see the same person more than twice. A familiar face is something that helps to build trust, and at Fort Box, we value our team as much as our clients. When everyone is striving for the best service possible, everybody wins.

In addition to our Chelsea branch, we operate out of St. John’s Wood and cater for customers from all over London. Having two branches in these sought-after postcodes makes us the perfect option for residents and businesses. Fort Box provides other key onsite provisions, like internal parking, loading bays, free use of trolleys to move your possessions, as well as CCTV monitoring and individual PIN codes for your storage unit.

Security is something we take seriously; when you store your possessions with Fort Box, you’ll have 24-hour digital CCTV monitoring throughout the facility, as well as fire and smoke alarms. In addition, we have vehicle recognition technology, and each self storage unit comes with its own PIN access code.

At Fort Box, we design every storage package carefully to make sure we offer a holistic storage service. For us, customer service is the foundation that supports everything we do. And part of excellent customer service is the ability to keep our prices low.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put the customer first, everything else works.

Fort Box – self storage tailor-made to your requirements – contact us today.