Getting the Most Out of Limited Living Spaces in Chelsea

Chelsea Physic Garden
Chelsea Physic Garden
Chelsea Physic Garden

For those of us who call London our home, we all know that space comes at a premium. For every additional room or storage space comes an increase in rent or mortgage. This is especially true for popular postcodes like Chelsea, where you’ll find some of London’s most exclusive properties.

Inner-city living can mean some give and take with regards to space. Areas like Chelsea and the surrounding areas offer a unique way of life. The restaurants and pubs are some of the best in London. The cafés and coffee shops are very individual and have their own feel and atmosphere.

Top Places to Visit in Chelsea –

Chelsea Physic Garden – fancy doing something a bit different outdoors? The Chelsea Physic Garden offers a serene, tranquil setting. Some refer to it as an oasis of calm, which is unusual for the centre of London. It’s London’s oldest botanical garden, with a variety of rare plants and other features.

Saatchi Gallery – London has some of the best art galleries and museums in the UK, if not the world. The Saatchi Gallery provides a platform for contemporary artists to showcase their work, often without previous exhibitions. It’s a forerunner in the drive for new artists, with collections that you won’t see anywhere else. It’s a great way to entertain your more artsy friends, and with its regular rotation of exhibitions, there is always something new to check out.

The Curzon Chelsea Cinema – everyone likes a trip to the cinema, especially if it caters for lovers of world cinema, as well as the latest feature films. The Curzon Chelsea Cinema showcases the best releases from independent UK, European, and worldwide cinema, in addition to the most recent Hollywood blockbusters. You can cover all bases while introducing one of London’s genuinely unique cinemas.

The Bluebird – this is our top pick for an excellent eatery to entertain your guests. The Bluebird has it all. You can enjoy some of London’s best fine dining for an evening, or if you want something light during the day, the Bluebird Café is known as one of London’s favourite brunch spot. With a wine cellar and a food store, the Bluebird is a must visit for residents and visitors in Chelsea.

Create More Space with Storage –

There will come a time where you desperately want more space, but you don’t to want to move. If Chelsea is your home and you love the area, it’s not surprising that you want to stay. However, life has a habit of changing, and your circumstances may require more space. Whether that’s because of a growing family or you want an extra room to work from, you may be thinking of relocating.

Before you resign yourself to moving out of Chelsea, there is one affordable option to create more space in your house or apartment. By renting a self storage unit from Fort Box, you can store the equivalent of an entire room’s worth of items in a fifty-square-foot unit. Essentially, that would give enough space to do anything you want. That’s another room for a new member of your family or a guest bedroom. It could also be a home office or study, or possibly somewhere to use for your hobby.

Self storage could be the affordable answer you’ve been looking for. Rather than paying more for space in Chelsea or moving further outside of London, you can keep your current property and use Fort Box as your storage space just around the corner.

Fort Box – We’re Chelsea’s Favourite Storage Provider –

At Fort Box, we believe that a self storage room is an extension of your home. You can access your storage room whenever you need to, and your possessions are safe. Security is something we take seriously; when you store your possessions with Fort Box, you’ll have 24-hour digital CCTV monitoring throughout the facility, as well as fire and smoke alarms. In addition, we have vehicle recognition technology, and each self storage unit comes with its own PIN access code.

The Fort Box team works with hundreds of domestic customers in London, and we focus on building strong relationships. We ask them about themselves, so we can better understand what services to offer them. This helps us to shape our specific packages, which we match to our customer’s needs. We believe we provide a storage service that is tailor-made for everyone, as well as helping if their storage needs change.

Fort Box operates out of two branches: you can find us at Chelsea and St. John’s Wood. Both facilities are ideally located to accommodate people and businesses from all the surrounding areas, and we have customers from all over London. Our Chelsea branch is ideally situated for people who need self storage in Chelsea, as well as Fulham, Kensington, and Earls Court. Fort Box covers everywhere in Central London, West London. There is a range of storage units to choose from.

Fort Box has the right size storage unit and packages to help you save money and create more space. For companies that need more flexibility, using a self storage unit is the perfect fit. If you rent a self storage unit with Fort Box, you can start off with a smaller unit and upsize whenever you need to.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put the customer first, everything else works.

Fort Box – self storage tailor-made to your requirements – contact us today.