Downsizing to an Apartment in London – How Our Central London Self Storage Can Help

How Our Central London Self Storage Can Help

People in London make the decision to relocate to a new house for any number of reasons, often because of a change in their circumstances. There are times where moving home is less about progressing up the property ladder than it is about trimming costs and being more prudent with our finances. If this is relevant to your upcoming move, you might be looking to downsize to a smaller house or an apartment. And with that comes a need to consider whether you need to reduce the number of possessions you’re relocating with drastically.

The Fort Box team work with hundreds of people every week, and many rent a storage unit to create more space at home. This can be vital for anyone who’s facing the prospect of moving to a property with less or no storage spaces to accommodate their belongings. Additionally, it’s also worth taking into consideration that renting a storage unit in London is cheaper than rental costs per square metre. Regardless of why you’re downsizing – Fort Box has the right storage option to fit your needs.

Self Storage Ideas When Downsizing in London –

If you’re already familiar with the inner-city apartments in London, you know they have little to no storage provisions. You’ll be lucky if there is a small cupboard next to the front door. This is where storage can act as a replacement for the lack of provisions in your apartment. It’s possible to move from a four or five-bed house to a small property or even an apartment without getting rid of lots of possessions.

By using storage, you won’t have a lease or a minimum rental stipulation to worry about. You only need to rent a unit from us to suit your needs, not the other way around. You’ll also find that the cost of renting a storage unit is far cheaper than upgrading to a larger house or apartment. At Fort Box, we have a range of storage units that come in various sizes. Not only that, once you choose a unit, it’s possible to upgrade to a larger room or reduce to a small one later.

We have two branches in Chelsea and St. John’s Wood, both providing excellent customer service for domestic and business customers in both locations, as well as the surrounding areas in London. Our Chelsea facility has storage units from 10-sq-ft all the way up to 1, 170-sq-ft, and our branch in St. John’s Wood has storage units from 10-sq-ft up to 200-sq-ft. This should cover just about anyone’s storage needs.

The Benefits of a Downsizing Home Checklist –

Whenever the prospect of a relocation occurs, we always advise our customers to create a checklist. The reason for this is to make sure you know what tasks are outstanding and to set some deadlines. Once you know your moving date, you can work backwards to count how many weeks there are until your move. Then, you split your larger tasks into small action points and aim to complete at least three every week.

Moving home is never easy, but you can make things much easier by starting to plan now and getting a few things ticked off your list asap. Fort Box can assist with arranging and booking your removals with one of our partner companies. We also would advise you to rent a storage unit from us now. This will help you create more space well in advance of your relocation.

By doing those two things, you’re already well on your way to a successful relocation. And this will help you avoid undue stress and give you time to correct any issues before they become problematic. You should also part ways with any furniture and appliances you no longer use. The fewer things you move with will allow you to start life in your new home without any clutter.

There are lots of different ways that you can create an inventory of your possessions. But the best way of doing this is a home inventory app. They’re available for Smartphone and Apple devices, and they’re cheap or free to download. Although there are several different apps to choose from, most have similar functions that allow you to take a photo of each item.

Fort Box – We’re Here to Help You Adjust to Downsizing in London –

At Fort Box, we listen to our customers and encourage feedback from them. By doing this, it makes it easier to check that their needs are being met. Additionally, we can gauge how we’re performing and if we need to improve any of our current services and packages.

We know from experience that compassion and understanding go a long way. For some people, leaving their four-bed home to move into a smaller apartment isn’t done by choice. Which is why we do whatever we can to make their storage experience positive and professional.

The Fort Box team are Londoners, so we understand the limitations that most of the apartments and properties have for storage. We create all our storage packages from the perspective of our customers to ensure we focus on their needs.

Security is vitally important to us, and we guarantee that your possessions are in safe hands with us. Our facilities in Chelsea and St John’s Wood both have top of the range of security systems to ensure anything you store with us is safe and secure. With twenty-four-hour digital CCTV monitoring, individually alarmed storage units with access PIN codes, vehicle plate recognition, fire and smoke detector system.

Downsizing doesn’t need to be a negative process. All it requires some additional provisions and storage can help make the transition a positive one. Our priority is to make your storage experience as easy as possible – that’s why you can drive up to your storage unit.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put the customer first, everything else works.

If you’re interested in renting a storage unit from us and you’d like to know more information, give us a call at our St. John’s Wood or Chelsea branch.

*Contact your closest branch for terms and conditions and storage unit specifications.