Self-Storage Isn’t Just For Parents And Businesses

If you’re going away to university or having a gap year and your parents want to put your old room to better use, it can leave you wondering what to do with all your stuff. This is where self-storage can provide you with a handy way to keep things safe when you are moving from place to place.

At Fort Box Self Storage we offer a whole range of storage options and there are even vans available to help pick up your stuff. This is takes away the headache of spending money on van hire and provides the added benefit of having your possessions stored in a secure environment rather than leaving it to chance.

Having your stuff located in self-storage also gives you options and more freedom to decide when and where you will be living rather than having to rush to decide. If you don’t happen to own that much or if you only have a few things that need to go into storage, it is possible to share your storage with a friend to save a few pounds.

One thing to remember is that during busy times it may not be easy to book the storage space you need. It is advisable to book early to make sure your space is secured.

Oxford Storage & London Storage Company Offers Virtual Office Tour

Google elves recently visited our Oxford storage and London storage centres to give you a sneak peek of our new office remodels. You can now virtually walk through our office, covered loading bays, and newly remodeled lounge areas, all from the comfort of your home. Check it out by clicking “See Inside” on the following links:

Oxford Storage

London Storage

Don’t forget to walk past our coffee machine and storage rooms showcasing our shelving and organisational tips. Now… if they could just create a button that would auto pack all your boxes and drop them off at our centre!

London Storage Office