Worried About Space During Renovations? Temporary Self Storage Can Help

If you’re considering renovating your home, then you may also be wondering how you are going to create enough space to work in without your valuable items getting damaged.

Depending on the scale of work involved you may require a little or a lot of extra space to store things like furniture and breakables out of harm’s way. For example, if you decide you want to create a combined kitchen and dining room and knock out a dividing wall, you are guaranteed to see a lot of dust and mess.

Knocking out walls is a messy business and while you may be able to move a few items of furniture such as a dining table into another room, this will soon end up cluttering the space.

If you are fitting a kitchen as well then you might also need extra room for all the fixtures fitting and appliances that come along with it. Fitted kitchens generally come flat packed in many different sized boxes making it difficult to store them for any length of time.
The solution to all this is to find somewhere to stop your furniture and other items that might get in the way in self-storage. This will not only make the process less stressful but also protect your items from any damage cause by workers walking in and out or dust.

What Is ‘Seasonal Storage’

Seasonal storage is a particular type of storage which can be short as well as long term. Seasonal storage doesn’t just mean autumn and winter, however, as it can cover any time of year and mean different things to different people.

If you’re a business owner, seasonal storage can indeed be linked to the weather. So if you have a business that thrives in the summer months, you may have a requirement to store away equipment over the winter months. The opposite might apply if you are running a winter sports type of business.

Season’s in business don’t need to relate to what the weather is doing either. It could be that there are conference seasons, exhibition seasons and fashion season. The list is endless but in all these cases you will be bringing your items to and from storage on a regular basis.

This is when it’s important to ensure that you choose a self-storage company that understands your storage needs and offers you the flexibility year round.

You will find that our storage units can cater for most of your storage needs, whether it’s exhibition stands, furniture or leisure equipment. You can also have peace of mind that your items will be kept safe for the next season.

3 Storage Tips for Car Boot Sales

If you have caught the car boot sale bug, then you will probably find that self-storage can help you store your items safely so that everything is in good condition ready for the weekend trading.

Why opt for self-storage other than your garage?

If you are attending car boot sales with your stall on a regular basis, you will probably end up storing a lot of stuff at home, in a lock-up or perhaps in your garage. These are far from ideal environments, not least because lots of space will be taken up until you sell your items.

Of course a lot depends on how big those items are. Generally with car boot sales there will be a bit of a mixed bag of larger and smaller items. It is likely that all of them will need to be kept in an area that isn’t damp and won’t increase the risk of damage.

It’s hard to make a decent amount of money from car boot sales as it is without having to discount further when items are not in the best condition.

Self-storage should solve all of these problems for you with the added benefit of extra security.

Are You Moving House And Stuck with White Goods?

September is a popular month for house moves as people race to avoid having to move all their belongings before the bad weather sets in. Thankfully we seem to be in the midst of an Indian summer at the moment but there is one problem you might have encountered which is common among many people who are moving into a rental property – what to do with white goods!

Fridge freezers, washing machines and so on otherwise known as white goods are essentials in any home. The problem arises when it’s time to move house and the property you are moving into has its own integrated appliances.

Washing machines and fridge freezers aren’t the easiest things to try and find space for and it unlikely your new landlord will appreciate you storing them in your new home in the first place.

So what are your options?

If you are planning to move into your rental within the next few weeks it is worth assessing how much your appliances are worth. Are they worth keeping? Sometimes it’s just easier to sell them on ebay or Gumtree rather than have to think about where to store them.

If they are in good working order, however, you do have the option of putting them in self-storage along with other items you may not have space for.

3 Reasons You Might Use Self Storage

Why would you want to use self-storage for your items? There is a good chance that there will come a point in your life when self-storage is the only option to store items. Here are some of the most common reasons.

You run out of space at home
As we go through life it’s inevitable we start to collect all kinds of things and the longer you live in a space, the more it will be filled up with those things. It’s common to simply outgrow a house to the point where clutter makes life unbearable. Self-storage can be a solution to your problems by giving you the extra space to sort everything out and get rid of things you no longer use.

Working or moving abroad
In the increasingly mobile society we live in, it’s often the case that opportunities to work in different locations present themselves and sometimes these might be abroad. This can be both exciting and daunting time when it comes to moving furniture and so on. Of course there are plenty of removal specialists who can help with this but you can reduce costs by putting items you don’t need into storage until you need them.

Empty Nest
Some people are relieved to see their children grow into adults and leave others feel the effects of empty nest syndrome. Self-storage can help either way by providing you with an alternative space to store their stuff for a time when they might need it again or simply a way to hang on to those memories while you redecorate.

Advice On Packing Boxes To Make The Best Use Of Space In A Storage Unit

So you have taken the decision to pack your items in a storage unit and packing stuff away is simple right? Well not exactly. As with anything there is a certain knack to getting the best out of the storage you have available and the following advice might even save you money!

When we move house or pack things away, often the last thing we think too much about is how we pack things. Often cardboard boxes are gathered from the local supermarket which is a great way to recycle empty boxes but the easiest way to give yourself a storage headache.

If you look at how goods are stored in shops and in warehouses, you will see how packaging is usually of a uniform size. This is important to ensure that everything fits together without a loss of space in between on shelves.

The same principle applies to your own storage. If the majority of your items are in boxes, then having just a few size variations will help as will boxes with tops. If a box doesn’t have a top it will be more difficult to stack other boxes on top and the contents will end up getting dusty.

When you are packing your boxes, make sure heavier items are placed at the bottom with lighter items at the top so that you have a solid base for stacking.

How to Co-Habit in Harmony

One of the biggest threats to the happiness of co-habiting couples is clutter. Too much clutter can play its part in ruining a relationship because it often leads to arguments about who should be storing what and what does and doesn’t belong in the house or flat.

Living together for the first time can be hard enough as it is without clutter. Some partners have been know to take devious steps to get rid of their partners stuff. Breaking things on purpose that may have some sentimental value can lead to mistrust and anger.

Then there are the compromises that must be made. You may discover that your taste for minimalism is not shared with your partner who is happiest in a cluttered, busier environment. So compromises will need to be made to maintain harmony.

One solution is to use self-storage to store away some of the more annoying items that may not be used very often such as surfboards or bicycles in the winter.

If you both have furniture and need to decide which to use, then you can always keep the items you don’t use in storage as spares or if you decide to sell they may come in handy in the future.

Apartment Storage Tips

Living in an apartment is great if it’s big and you’re a minimalist kind of person. But what happens when you begin to outgrow it and like many people in the UK you’re stuck in it because you can’t afford to move out and buy a house? Fear not, there may still be plenty you can do to maximise the small space you have.

The key to getting the most out of your apartment is to make use of secret storage spaces. If the sliding wardrobes are crammed full and you don’t have any outdoor space, you will be surprised what you can tuck away in smaller secret places.

Of course if you pack an apartment with furniture that doesn’t double up as storage then you might be in trouble or it may be time to invest in furniture that does the trick.

Choosing a bed with some drawers in is ideal because simply storing stuff loose under a standard bed will not make the best use of what can be a considerable storage space.

Then think about introducing a sofa that has built in storage space and other furniture items such as ottomans and chests which not only make a feature, but also provide home for a lot of items you will need to find on a regular basis.

How Do You Store The Kids Stuff When They Leave Home?

This is a question many parents will be asking themselves particularly at when it’s time to leave home for university and so on. The dilemma faced by most parents is what to do with their stuff?

Apparently 17% of children leave a room full of stuff behind when they leave home. Yet leaving for University and perhaps to go and rent a place for a while means that the kids are less likely to want to return home in the future.

So parents face some agonising choices. Do they simply keep the room as it is, just in case they ever want to return home? Or do they find somewhere to store all the stuff?

The first option has more disadvantages than advantages. Sure the not-so-young-kids will like the idea that there is always a backup bedroom for them if life away from home gets too tough. The problem is that the room then becomes a no-go area and if you’re pushed for space or you have plans for the room then as parents you will be stuck.

So the solution to all this is to look at the option of using a self-storage company. Rates are actually quite affordable for long term storage and if the kids really do decide to return home after university even if it’s for the summer, you will at least have all their stuff available in storage while you keep the house tidy for the rest of the year.

Heading home for the summer? Keep everything safe & sound with student storage units London.

Summer, summer, summer time. 🙂 It’s good to be heading home after a semi hard year of studying. (Well it can’t all be work, work, work, can it?) It’s time to hang up your scholar’s cap for a few months and get ready for some serious downtime. Just one small problem? Where to store everything whilst you’re away! With Fortbox student storage units London, you can head back home for the summer without a worry in the world. Whether it’s storage for your books, computer, TV, or bike, or storage for everything whilst you find your next home for the new academic year, Fortbox student storage units London have it covered.

Safe & secure student storage units London

So many students worry about leaving their valuables in their rented home over the summer, but don’t want to pester their parents. (Mum and dad aren’t really up for hauling everything back from uni in their new convertable!) Student storage units London are the best all round solution, and you can choose a storage unit London that’s just the right size for your stuff.
Our student storage units London start from 10 sq.ft – perfect for stacking away all those study books and paraphernalia, along with your prized possessions too, your PC, DVD, TV, games consoles…all your band gear as well if you want. Whatever you don’t want to drag back home, but is really precious to you. Whatever you need from your student storage unit London, Fortbox has it. Super secure, our storage units have 24/7 surveillance, and come with individual alarms, a personal pin and padlock. So you can have complete confidence that all your student storage London is well protected… Whether it’s all summer long, or just for a couple of weeks, Fortbox storage units London are completely flexible.

Looking for student storage units London? Save money – share the cost!

Why not share storage units with friends?

At Fortbox we’ve student storage facilities that can accommodate a complete housefull of stuff! So if you’re renting with friends, why not get them to store their belongings too, and share the cost? You could get a large storage unit London for half the price! Within each student storage unit London you can have customised shelving, lighting and electrical points, to help you organise it exactly as you like!

So if you’re looking for student storage units London, look to Fortbox storage units first. Drop us an email to find out more about our extensive range of student storage units and our services.

Wondering what to do over the summer? Once you’ve sorted your student storage problem, beat the boredom with these top tips!: