Concerned About Self-Storage Costs?

Self-storage is a cost effective way of providing a safe secure home for your valuable items, but sometimes costs can end up being more than you had anticipated. For example, a temporary relocation abroad may turn into something more long term, or perhaps the move from University into a home of your own hasn’t quite gone to plan.

There can be all sorts of reasons why you may need to look at storage costs and seeking advice from the people managing your self-storage can be a good first step in managing your self-storage in a way that doesn’t end up costing you more than it should.

Self-storage customers are often surprised at the extra space they can free up in their units just with a bit of reorganisation. Advice on stacking and racking can reveal some surprisingly simple ways to better use space.

If you already have your storage space used up to the max, then it may be time to look at what you are storing. If you have some items that you’re not going to use, because they have been replaced with newer items, then there may be little sense in hoarding them.

If your unit is too full and disorganised, then it is likely to forget what you are storing! The key to good self-storage management is to only pay for the storage you need whether it’s for the long or short term.

Are You Moving House And Stuck with White Goods?

September is a popular month for house moves as people race to avoid having to move all their belongings before the bad weather sets in. Thankfully we seem to be in the midst of an Indian summer at the moment but there is one problem you might have encountered which is common among many people who are moving into a rental property – what to do with white goods!

Fridge freezers, washing machines and so on otherwise known as white goods are essentials in any home. The problem arises when it’s time to move house and the property you are moving into has its own integrated appliances.

Washing machines and fridge freezers aren’t the easiest things to try and find space for and it unlikely your new landlord will appreciate you storing them in your new home in the first place.

So what are your options?

If you are planning to move into your rental within the next few weeks it is worth assessing how much your appliances are worth. Are they worth keeping? Sometimes it’s just easier to sell them on ebay or Gumtree rather than have to think about where to store them.

If they are in good working order, however, you do have the option of putting them in self-storage along with other items you may not have space for.

End Of Summer Garden Storage

As we approach the end of summer it is likely that you will be spending less and less time in the garden. It won’t be long until summer turns to autumn and all that garden furniture, tools, paddling pools, barbecues and other summer items will need to be put away to keep them in good condition for next year.

The problem this time of year is finding space for all these items. Often sheds will be full to bursting already so there will be a bit of head scratching to be done finding the extra room. Many people opt for plastic covers to keep items like barbecues dry, but these often end up damaged and leaks will end up causing rust.

Garden furniture is also particularly prone to wear and tear if it is left out all year round. You will soon fine that plastic and cloth fade and lose their colour in the sun after only a year outside. Wood meanwhile will suffer from our damp climate.

Try cramming tables, chairs and barbecues in a standard-sized shed and it will become painfully obvious that you will need to buy some form of storage unit (if you have the space). The problem is, our gardens will be less appealing when they are full of various types of storage.

So what’s the solution?

Why not pop along to your local self-storage facility and remove the hassle altogether. We can offer storage for several months until the better weather returns.

It’s Nearly Time For The Summer Holiday Storage

With the summer holidays looming large on the horizon, no doubt you will be planning for some trips away. Possibly one of the last things on your mind at this time will be storage, but planning somewhere safe to store your valuables should be high on the agenda if you want to ease any worries about leaving your home unattended.

If you are going away for the summer it’s likely you will be away for no more than one or two weeks, but for the lucky few, this could be even longer. In either case it is important to ensure that your home is as secure as it can be while you’re away.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to ask neighbours to keep an eye on things. It probably isn’t the best idea to leave your curtains drawn at the front of your house all day just in case the wrong type of people notice that they are never opened.

No matter what you do to secure the property, there is always the risk of burglary. Even if that risk is a small one it is important to check your insurance to make sure your valuables are covered.

Smaller items of value can either be stored in a safe at home as long as that safe can’t easily be carried away! Or for extra security you could consider renting a self storage unit to give you extra peace of mind.

Moving Out of Your Parent’s House

Depending on how you feel about living in your parent’s house the prospect of leaving to live in a place of your own, you may be relieved or daunted by the prospect.

Either way, for most people, leaving home is a major life event. It’s the time when you can finally feel like an adult and a time when you will quickly learn what looking after yourself is all about.

If you are aged 18-34 it is worth remembering that there are still more than 20 million young adults living with their parents to avoid having to pay high housing costs.

Before you even get to move out of what may have been your home for the past 20 years or so, you will need to sort out everything you have accumulated over the years. This can be a considerable amount of stuff that will need to be put in boxes and labelled.

Parents are usually happy to let you leave some things behind, but there may come a time where they will want to make use of that spare bedroom. If your new house has enough space it is worth setting aside some space for the items you want to keep.

If your new home doesn’t have much space, then self-storage may be an option, particularly if you have larger items that need to be stored away. We can make sure that these items are stored safely until you need them.

If you are one of those people who is feeling anxious about leaving home and not getting your washing done or meals cooked for you anymore, you will soon get used to the idea and the new found independence.

Do You Have Space For Garden Furniture Storage?

This may seem like an odd question to ask when we’re basking in what is turning into a great summer. If you are just dusting off some of your garden furniture and barbecue and other garden fixtures, then you may well be wishing that they were stored inside over the winter.

If your barbecue is rusting or your sun lounger canopy has faded in the sunlight, then before adding to your furniture collection it may be worth planning now for how it will be stored away in the autumn.

If you are not one of those well-organised people who did this a year ago, then all is not lost. Depending on what your furniture is made of, it may just require a quick wipe over. Plastic chairs, for example, are low maintenance compared to wood but colours can fade and they start to look shabby if they are left exposed to the elements for months at a time.

If you have wooden furniture on the other hand, it can soon be revived even if you did leave it outside over winter. It can be sandpapered and treated with oil or painted to restore it to its former glory.

Metal furniture and barbeques often rust, if they get damp, so the best advice here for minor rust spots is to use a wire brush to get rid of it before it starts to eat further into the metal.

When the summer is over, the advice is try and store your garden furniture inside or in self-storage to reduce all of this extra work next year.

Spring Cleaning and Storage Tips

Although El Nino looks to be having a big influence on weather patterns here in the UK, we have hopefully seen the end of snow and gales and we can now look forward to a bit of spring cleaning. Here are some of our helpful tips to help make sure it goes smoothly.

Planning things in the right order
Planning your work in advance will not only help you work more efficiently, it will also mean that you limit any costly mistakes. So for example if you plan to decorate the living room, ensure that you move furniture out or cover any heavy items prior to starting work. Also make sure that you have enough room for temporary storage. If not then consider temporary self-storage until the work is done.

Start work at the top
Whether you are painting a wall, hanging wallpaper or cleaning you will be starting work from the top down. The same applies to rooms in your house. If you are cleaning up the whole house for spring then you don’t want to be making a mess or spilling paint on areas you have already cleaned.

Fix broken items
If there are any jobs you have been putting off in the house now is the time to fix them as the weather gets better. Plus if you’re fixing items before you clean then you can avoid having to do the cleaning work twice if what you are repairing involves lots of mess.