Are You Moving House And Stuck with White Goods?

September is a popular month for house moves as people race to avoid having to move all their belongings before the bad weather sets in. Thankfully we seem to be in the midst of an Indian summer at the moment but there is one problem you might have encountered which is common among many people who are moving into a rental property – what to do with white goods!

Fridge freezers, washing machines and so on otherwise known as white goods are essentials in any home. The problem arises when it’s time to move house and the property you are moving into has its own integrated appliances.

Washing machines and fridge freezers aren’t the easiest things to try and find space for and it unlikely your new landlord will appreciate you storing them in your new home in the first place.

So what are your options?

If you are planning to move into your rental within the next few weeks it is worth assessing how much your appliances are worth. Are they worth keeping? Sometimes it’s just easier to sell them on ebay or Gumtree rather than have to think about where to store them.

If they are in good working order, however, you do have the option of putting them in self-storage along with other items you may not have space for.

How Self Storage Helps With Downsizing

The concept of downsizing isn’t new, older people have being doing it for years when they reach a stage where they are unable to manage a large property. Increasingly it isn’t just old people who downsize with younger people also downsizing to reduce work, bills and free up cash.

In a housing market where demand is high, it is easier to sell a large property these days and this makes downsizing a compelling alternative for people who live in houses with high running costs, and too much space to heat and maintain.

While there are plenty of advantages to downsizing there are also some drawbacks. The first is getting used to living in a smaller property. This isn’t easy when you have grown used to having lots of space.

Naturally you will also have less room to store all the items you have accumulated over the years. Many of these items can be valuable so it isn’t always possible to simply give them away or sell them for a knockdown price on eBay or Gumtree.

So the best solution is to store those items you value but don’t need often in secure self-storage. Long term storage can be surprisingly affordable and it means you won’t have to part company with things you might need later on.

Advice On Storing A Mattress

You may be considering storing away your mattress due to a change in circumstances, such as the arrival of a new baby. The spare bedroom will inevitably need to lose the full sized bed in exchange for a cot and all the other things you need to put in a nursery.

Storing a bed frame is usually quite easy. You simply dismantle it and pack everything away. The same isn’t true for a mattress which is one of the most cumbersome things to store away in the home. It’s only when you have a sudden need to store it somewhere else other than the bedroom that you realise just how much space these things take up!

Not only do they need to be kept dry but it also needs to keep its shape as well if you intend to use it again at some point. So this normally rules out the garage or any other space you have outside. Another option is to store it under another bed, but this is far from ideal and it can end up gathering dust.

One of the best options for storing a mattress is to use a self-storage unit that is climate controlled. If you do decide to go down this route, then it is important to make sure the mattress is dry before wrapping it so that you don’t end up sealing in moisture.

It should then be stored flat so that it doesn’t lose its shape and remember not to place anything on top of it which will result in the same problem.