Storage for Santa

A young business owner recently came to visit us in our Oxford Unit, looking for a storage solution for his stock. 5 years ago he started a business from his bedroom, importing unusual and weird novelty items and selling them online. Initially he was able to do this by supply and demand, but the business soon grew to the level that he was having to keep stock of some of his more popular weird and wonderful purchases.

His bedroom was fast becoming a warehouse and his mum was non too pleased. He wasn’t yet at the stage where he could justify renting a business premises, but the family home was also no longer an option. He needed a stock storage solution and fast, before his mother started to act on her threats of stopping cooking and cleaning for him!

So we helped by renting him a medium sized storage unit where he could easily store his stock or the weird and wonderful at an affordable price, and keep his dear old mum happy at the same time.

We must admit, this is one of our favourite units as it is like Santa’s grotto in there! All of our team now order most of their birthday and Christmas presents from the young entrepreneurs website, and pretty soon he will be able to afford his very own warehouse. Not ideal for us, as it means he will be leaving, but great news for him!

We are just pleased that we could help him with his stock storage issues at the beginning of his blossoming business career and maybe when he becomes the next Richard Branson, he will remember Fortbox fondly!

If you have a stock storage problem, and you are also upsetting your mum, dad, wife, housemate, then we can help. It doesn’t have to be exciting stock either. We don’t mind what you want to store, but we must admit that the more unusual stock items always capture our interest!

File Storage

Box files, lever arch files, plastic wallet files, there are so many shapes and sizes of files, that they can be really tricky to store efficiently. And they take up so much room! Everyone has paperwork and absolutely everyone has got the need for storage of some kind.

If you are getting to the point where you think you need extra help with your File Storage then maybe Fortbox can help. For simple file storage, we offer small lockers, or our walk in units start from just 16 square feet.

Our file storage solutions will keep your files clean and secure for as long as you need. We also offer a multitude of packaging materials that can help to get your files into great order before going into storage.

If you want to be super organised why not use printed labelling so that you don’t have to try and interpret your handwriting years later, or someone else doesn’t get confused. Also keeping an archive file will ensure that your files are easily accessible. If you number your boxes and put them in a chronological order, or alphabetically with a clear record of what is contained in each file, you will find that file retrieval is much much easier.

You can use our shelving units so that you can walk down the middle of your storage facility and clearly access all of your files.

If you have decided to use an inventory service we can even deliver your files for you! Simply call us up, tell us the box file you require and we will deliver it to your door.

This service is especially useful for business file storage, and can be a great time saver. Not to mention the stress saved from having employees trying to wade through mountains of unorganised files to find a client record from 10 years ago!

It may take some time to get your files in order, but it is so worth it. There is nothing better than that feeling of knowing exactly where everything is, and how you can access it. So have a think about your file storage at home or in work. Could it do with a New Year overhaul? If Christmas is your quiet period, maybe now is the perfect time to take action and get organised. We promise you, you won’t regret it!

Tool Storage Solutions that might just save your marriage!

We know how difficult it is for you local tradesmen and women to keep your other half happy. If you are a local builder you will no doubt have tools strewn all over your house driving your partner up the wall!

Your garage space is probably full to the brim of different tools and gadgets that are really important to you, but maybe the wife wants to keep her car in the garage, or find space for the kids toys. It is a common dilemma for tradesmen. There is often no room in the work van for passengers, or for transporting anything as it is always full to the brim of all of the tools of your trade.

Even if you have a specific business premises and own a larger trade company, you will no doubt still have storage problems when it comes to keeping all of your tools organised. When was the last time you took an itinerary of all of your tools? Or went to buy a new hammer, only to discover 5 of them lurking at the back of a cupboard in your workshop?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then maybe Fortbox can help you. We are used to greeting desperate workmen, looking for a storage solution for their tools. We even think we may be partly responsible for saving a few marriages!

So whether you are a sole trader and need to keep your family happy by storing your tools away from home, or you are a local business looking to get more organised and keep track of tools that go in and out of the workplace, we have a storage solution to suit you.

You can easily access your storage unit 7 days a week, so you never have to be without your precious tools. We even have 24 hour units available if you require access to your tools at unconventional times. We are sympathetic to the needs to late night, or on call plumbers who have to get access to their unit in the early hours! You can even upgrade or downgrade your unit size depending on your exact needs. It’s all easy with our flexible storage plans.

Equipment Storage Solutions

Are you a tradesman looking for somewhere to store your equipment? Or maybe you are a landscape gardener and need some extra space for all of your gardening equipment?

Whatever your equipment storage needs Fortbox can help you. We have secure, affordable long and short-term storage plans to suit and need.

Whether you are looking for a short-term solution or a longer-term solution that can offer you the flexibility you need to run your business efficiently, Fortbox can help. Here are just some of the trades that currently use our storage facilities for their equipment storage needs;

  • Carpenter in Oxford – has a unit to store wood offcuts, kitchens and woodworking equipment.
  • London based IT Recycling business – use our units to securely store computers and other hardware equipment before it is re-homed or refurbished.
  • Hairdressing Salon in Oxford – were getting their salon refurbished and needed a place to securely store their equipment whilst the salon was being re-fitted.
  • Cleaning Franchise in Oxford – use our facilities for long term storage of their cleaning equipment for franchisees.

These are just some of the trades that find our equipment storage facilities useful. We offer clean, accessible and secure storage so that you can be sure that your equipment is in safe hands.

Document Storage Headache?

Most businesses whether big or small need to store documents legally for a minimum of six years. As you will know if you are a business owner, this can cause a whole heap of problems. Where to store your documents, how to keep your documents organised, how to keep the documents clean and waterproof, how to keep the documents secure…….the list is endless. So many business owners we have come across in Oxford and London have this same headache.

As a small business owner the normal solution is to buy some simple document storage boxes and keep them in your garage or loft space. But six years of accounts, and client records? That can take up a lot of room. And what about when the dreaded VAT man comes to visit? You have to climb up into your attic to try and retrieve year’s worth of invoices and receipts. What a nightmare!

Or if you are a charitable business and have to file company tax returns as well as your charity board meeting notes on a monthly basis. That can lead to a lot of paperwork! One such charity that came to us desperate for help, had kept 20 years worth of paperwork in the cellar of the business premises. After flash floods one year, nearly all of their documents were ruined, causing quite a problem for the auditors.

In this day and age, we may have digital technology to help us out, and yes this does provide a great additional security to document storage. However, as business owners, we still need to keep receipts, and we still need to file accounts. Not everything is computer based yet, and neither will it ever reach that stage. Computers can still break, and documents can still be lost. We still need our document storage options.

Fortbox offer a great solution with their document storage facilities in Oxford and London. You can even do your document shredding on-site using the confidential shredding services.

You have the freedom and flexibility to access your securely stored documents and can rent shelving units to help you to be that extra bit organised. So if your document storage is giving you a headache, why not give our team a call today on 0800 023 7074.

Archive your files and free up your office space!

We were so pleased to be able to help a large Property Management Company with their file storage in Oxford last week. They had boxes of files accumulating in their office making working conditions difficult, but from time to time they needed access to them.

While we know from experience that self storage is incredibly practical, for companies it can be inefficient to be sending staff out to pick up files. Our free retrieval and pick up service is of great benefit to this customer, they just send a quick email with the list of items required and we’re able to drop them off and collect new items to be stored whilst we’re there, thus clearing valuable office space.

When it came to the initial move to our purpose built storage facility, we were able to arrange the complete move free of charge using our specialist transport partners. This enabled all of their staff to carry on with their work while we took responsibility for the removal itself.

If their document storage needs change we also offer very flexible storage terms. Should they need to grow their storage we have a large selection of storage units available to add or change to. Or when the time comes to dispose of document archives we’re able to help with our professional shredding service, which is free to all our customers

Business Storage Solutions for Document Storage

Depending on your business you may be required to keep company records for several years depending on the document. Storing these documents at your office may not be the best business storage solution. Consider renting off site document storage with a storage company and free up that valuable office space for a more profitable use.

Many businesses both large and small use off site document storage to get organised and free their offices of archive boxes. Most storage companies offer document storage services to make the move to storage a time and money saving decision. At Fort Box we offer a wide range of services. Several storage services are free with your weekly agreement:

  • Item Retrieval and Delivery Service* – door-to-door service for customers with inventoried document storage boxes. We offer one free pick-up or retrieval per week!
  • Professional Shredding* – use our secure, locked document storage container on-site.
  • Shelving – by renting shelving you can maximise the room size as well as provide an organised area for quick access.

Keep in mind that you should organise similar documents in files or boxes and clearly label the contents. Since handwriting can sometimes be misinterpreted, make sure and use a printed label and place on the top and front of your box. Fort Box offers a very sturdy archive box that is available at our centres.

Fort Box Document Storage Services
We offer Item Retrieval and Delivery of inventoried boxes to all Fort Box customers.

*Services free with your weekly agreement. Certain restrictions apply.

Drive Up Storage Units Available in Oxford

I have visited several self storage locations in the United Kingdom and I can tell you there is one feature that is very hard to find. What’s this rare storage feature… its drive up storage units!

Drive up storage units are usually the size of a one car garage and are ground floor making loading and unloading of items very easy. Typical self storage locations only offer indoor storage which require the use of a trolley to move items from your car to your storage room. Drive up storage is great for:

  • businesses looking for frequent access to items such as tools, inventory, and signage
  • vehicle storage including cars and motorcycles
  • larger household storage items such as furniture

Over the last few weeks we have been installing several drive up storage units at our convenient Oxford storage location. All units are located in our secure yard area with CCTV and steel perimeter fencing. Units range from 100 sq ft to 200 and 24 hour storage is available! Reserve your drive up storage unit today by visiting our Oxford storage centre!

Drive Up Storage Units
Fort Box Oxford Drive Up Storage Units

Business Storage Solutions for Online Entrepreneurs

The Internet has revolutionized the way we do our shopping. Think about the benefits like convenience, better pricing, variety, and my personal favourite, avoiding of crowds! There is nothing better than making a cup of tea and browsing sites with a click of a button. This online phenomenon has produced some amazing online businesses started right from the entrepreneurs home.

There are so many stories of successful start-ups. One common thread among online start-ups is when their inventory starts to overtake their household storage space. This is a great problem to have and its the perfect time to consider business storage solutions!

Business storage is a useful and flexible solution for online businesses.  You can start with a 20 sq ft storage unit and increase or decrease in size based on your stock requirements. Rentals are weekly so you don’t need to worry about lease requirements or pay for unused space. Storage facilities are built with businesses in mind and provide wide access doors to allow easy access to your items.

At our London and Oxford storage locations we offer a Storage Customisation service and design the storage unit to fit your needs, including shelving, lighting, or electrical outlets. We also offer a free Item Retrieval and Delivery service for business storage and weekly deliver boxes from your business storage unit to your home.

Starting your own online business gives you complete freedom to control your own destiny and online shoppers like me a stress free experience. Speaking of shopping, I must get back to my online shopping cart!