Boat Storage Tips

The boating season is now upon us and it’s a wonderful time of year to be chugging along the canal on a boat as the season turns from spring to summer. To enjoy this experience at its fullest, it will of course be necessary to make sure your boat is cleaned up and decluttered first! So here are some boat storage tips to set you on your way.

Review your storage

If your boat is used mainly for recreation as opposed to living on it permanently, it may have become cluttered with all kinds of things you may not need. Those people who live on their boats will already have all kinds of clever storage solutions and be familiar with space saving. For the rest of us it’s time to look at what you need and what you don’t need to store on your boat.

Find hidden storage space
If you find getting rid of certain items tough, then there is probably a lot of hidden storage space on your boat between cupboards or a perhaps in baskets or shelves.

Invest in an e-reader
One of the pleasures of getting out on the boat is enjoying the peace and quiet. It’s the perfect time to catch up on some reading but instead of cluttering up the boat with books why not consider an e-reader where you can store an unlimited amount of novels to keep you going.