SMEs – A Driving Force in London’s Business Community

SMEs – A Driving Force in London’s Business Community
SMEs – A Driving Force in London’s Business Community

Every year, SMEs are growing in their influence on the UK’s business markets. As more people are looking for specialist services, the opportunities for new enterprises to set up and successfully trade are on the up. It has never been easier to find the right resources to start an SME, and their popularity and significance are both positive for the UK economy.

And with any aspect of modern business, SMEs spend a lot of money each year. An average SME in the UK will outlay at least one million pounds annually (on average). However, for London’s SMEs, that is usually double to two million pounds every year. All of which creates a positive cycle of employment and investment for the London economy. 

SMEs – a Positive Influence in London –

While it’s the belief that larger corporations drive the bulk of the UK’s economy, the increase of start-up companies and SMEs tell a different story. A single SME might only employ twenty to thirty people and one million pounds per year, if you then have ten, the figures start to add up. In 2016, there were one thousand and eleven SMEs in London. With that in mind, it’s now feasible to see just how much of an impact SMEs have London’s economy.

It doesn’t need to be thought of as data and figures. A company that employs twenty people makes it possible for them to value to London. They can pay rent or their mortgage, buy clothes and food. That’s twenty people who now have jobs and can live and enjoy life in London. Anyone that decides to start their own company can be proud of the fact that they’re a significant part of the bigger business picture in London.

How Central Storage Can Help SMEs in London –

Finding affordable premises in London is no easy task. If you’re an owner of an SME and you need to have a location that’s in Central London, then you can expect to pay a lot of rent each month. However, there are some ways to rethink how you trade in London, especially if your company sells products.

An example: if your company sells high-street fashion you might need a location to trade in Central London. However, rather than having a shop with lots of storage space, you can rent a small space with just enough storage space for the essentials. You can then rent a self storage unit from Fort Box for a fraction of the price for the same floor space, which is just around the corner from your shop.

Another good example would be a company that sells something that doesn’t need a presentable store location. If you have an e-commerce enterprise, all you need is somewhere central to trade. You can cut out the middleman, rent a self storage unit, and save hundreds of pounds in rent each month.

Fort Box – Helping SMEs Save in London –

By providing affordable storage in ideal locations in London, Fort Box can save your SME thousands of pounds every year. While it’s important for a company to spend money to boost the economy, it’s just as important to reduce overheads wherever possible. The more profits you retain, the more you can invest in your company.

Our facilities in Chelsea and St. John’s Wood are in ideal locations for any business. We work business owners every week who store with us and trade all over London. They save hundreds of pounds in rent and business rates while avoiding long lease periods. Some people run their entire business from their Fort Box self storage unit because they have everything they need.

SMEs are the driving force behind London’s business community. Every new enterprise is a step in the right direction, and every year London-based SME makes a profit is something to celebrate. That’s why Fort Box offers excellent self storage packages, as well as regular deals and improvements to our services.

The Fort Box team understands that, when you put SMEs first, everything else works.

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