The Benefits of Using Our Document Storage Service in London

One of the great things about the technology progress in the modern business era is it’s now possible to reduce our dependence on printed documents. That’s why many offices have policies in place to encourage their staff to avoid printing emails, and it makes a lot of sense. Additionally, many companies use scanners to save copies of any other correspondence and then archive the original document.

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Popular Reasons Why People Use Self Storage in London

Trying to make extra space in your London home is no easy task, and it doesn’t help that each square foot increases the rent or mortgage costs. That’s why thousands of people rent a Fort Box storage unit because they know it’s the ideal way to increase your living spaces. Using self storage is an excellent way to create more space at home and is more affordable than upgrading to a larger house or flat.

Fort Box has a range of storage options to suit every person and business in London. We work out of two branches and have storage clients from all over the capital and surrounding areas. If you’re looking for additional space at home, the simple way to do it without spending lots of money is Fort Box’s self storage.

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The Cheapest Self Storage in Chelsea and Fulham

If you’re looking into renting a self storage unit, price is something that will help make your decision because we all want a good deal. That’s where lots of people fall into the trap of price comparison sites, and it becomes more about value or service delivery. However, it’s equally important to only book with a company with a good reputation for customer service and a range of storage options.

Fortunately for people in London, there’s a company that excels in customer care and has affordable storage solutions for everyone. Fort Box operates from two branches and offers the best self storage options and prices for customers in Chelsea and Fulham. You won’t find a better set of storage packages at cheaper prices than Fort Box.

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Using Storage During an Unexpected Family Bereavement

There are few things that are as difficult to cope with than a family bereavement or if a close friend passes away. And if you’re also in charge of the funeral arrangements and executing the estate, it becomes difficult to set aside our emotions and be practical. Ultimately, you might end up with another household’s worth of items with nowhere to store them.

There is a temporary solution that can help you get through this challenging period while safeguarding any valuables and other items. Renting a self storage unit during this period will give you somewhere secure to store things while the estate is processed. And doing so with Fort Box, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re dealing with a compassionate company that cares about our customers.

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Using Storage While You prepare for a National or Overseas Relocation

If you’re getting ready to relocate this year, it’s vital that you start preparing early to ensure you get everything done on time. The planning part of the move is where most people fall short because they leave too many things until the last minute. Rather than take the initiative straight away, they wait until it’s too close to the moving day to correct any issues.

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Finding a Reliable Locksmith in London

Finding a Reliable Locksmith in LondonLike all major cities, one of the most important things for homeowners to remember about living in London is the security of your house or apartment. It’s crucial that things like doors and windows to our homes are secure to prevent theft or damage from damp and rot. Your home and car should have a working alarm, and if possible, other security features to prevent break-ins. If you’re vigilant and follow basic security protocol, you’ll be able to stop people from gaining access to your property or vehicle.

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Drive-Up Self Storage in London for Your Favourite Clothes and Shoes

Whether we consider ourselves dedicated followers of fashion or just like shopping, we all need somewhere to store our clothing and shoes. The only catch is that a lot of properties in London have limited storage space and upgrading apartments or houses comes at a costly premium. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Rather than getting rid of items en masse, you can rent a self storage unit. Fort Box has the ideal solution to store all your clothing and shoes in London.

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Moving Out? Some Tips of How to Get Your Full Deposit Back in London

If you’re moving to a new house or flat in London, you’ll no doubt have your hands full with all the planning and organising that comes with relocating. Due to the high intensity that comes with moving, there is a tendency to look too far forward and miss things in your current property. Lots of people fall into the trap of too much future thinking and forget that they need to get the full deposit back. That’s why it pays off to be vigilant throughout your tenancy or be ready to tackle any small issues before you move out.

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Downsizing to an Apartment in London – How Our Central London Self Storage Can Help

People in London make the decision to relocate to a new house for any number of reasons, often because of a change in their circumstances. There are times where moving home is less about progressing up the property ladder than it is about trimming costs and being more prudent with our finances. If this is relevant to your upcoming move, you might be looking to downsize to a smaller house or an apartment. And with that comes a need to consider whether you need to reduce the number of possessions you’re relocating with drastically.

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Self Storage for Luxury Retail Business in Central London

For any business owner operating in London, you’ll understand how tricky it can be to find a suitable building with plenty of storage space. This is even more true for people to run luxury retail stores in the capital due to the necessity of location. It doesn’t just apply to the need of attracting passing trade. Having a prime location is part of the image that goes with running a company at this level. Reputation is all part of the game, and a exclusive address is crucial to luring in those dedicated followers of fashion.

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