Document Storage for Creatives in London


In a world where technology is improving every week, the use of paper documents declines in equal measure. However, there are certain circumstances where the ink on paper and the retention of a paper document is necessary. For official records and city planning designs, it’s a standard requirement for legal purposes. Contracts, life insurance, life and death events, leases and mortgages all need to have a certificate or document.

However, there are other situations where the printed page holds just as much importance. For creative writers and artists in various mediums, having a paper copy of notes, drafts, and completed works is a typical practice. Therefore, it’s crucial that London’s creative community consider using document storage to safeguard their work.

Fire and Other Damage – A Cautionary Note –

You might think, ‘It’ll never happen to me’ but there are several renowned writers’ and artists’ have lost their work in fire damage. David Hoffman lost everything in a massive fire, as did Rodney Hall and John Wullbrandt. And while these were mostly works of art, they still should act as cautionary examples that fire damage can happen to any artist. Others have lost their possessions, collections, film stock and memorabilia that can never be replaced.

There are other types of damage or loss of work that everyone will have experience with. When a computer file becomes corrupted, it usually means you’ve lost your work for good. Even the best IT experts struggle to rectify a corrupt file. To makes matters worse, when a laptop or external hard drive goes array, you could lose everything.

The tragic aspect of all this is that much of time; the items are lost forever. People often don’t take enough care to back up their computer files or make enough printed copies of documents. And in some instances, it’s just not possible to create a copy. This is true of works of art and other possessions that are one-of-a-kind.

You can’t always predict or prevent damage, but you can make sure that you have a backup plan. That means using an external hard drive as well as a suitable cloud storage system. That way, you’ll have at least two additional places where you have your work.

For creative writers, there are also options to safeguard your work. If you’re registering your work for copyrighting purposes or with a Guild, this will create a copy should you need to retrieve it. A lot of writers use their website to promote their work. You can upload a copy and download it again in the event of a fire.

When it comes to being one-hundred percent sure your documents are safe from damage, there is no better way than using Fort Box’s document storage option. We work with hundreds of customers for their document storage requirements. Not only will your essential documents be safe, but you’ll also be able to access them whenever you need to.

Other Reasons Why Creatives Should Use Storage –

Another reason why artists and other creatives should use storage is to prevent damage to pieces of art or equipment. Many creative studios may not have the right conditions for storage. They might have the perfect artistic atmosphere to get the creative juices flowing, but the building itself might be susceptible to damage.

Older buildings often have less maintenance of things like electrical circuits and plumbing. This can lead to fire damage and flooding. Properties with flat roofs often have leaks and other conditions that invite damp. The location of the studios is also a factor, with many industrial buildings being used.

Home studios are especially vulnerable to damage or even theft for valuable pieces of art. Our homes are not built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, our houses and apartments use materials that are fine for insulation but not to keep out the elements. Temperature regulation can also cause damage to paintings. If you use central heating and you live in an area which is prone to harsher weather, this can warp the frame and artwork.

The best way to safeguard your art and artistic equipment is storage. Self storage and container storage units are built to withstand the elements, as well as offering a high level of security. The temperature level maintenance prevents any damp or overheating. You won’t have to worry about fire damage – storage is the ideal solution for any creative who needs to preserve their work.

Fort Box – We Safeguard Artists’ and Writers’ Work in London –

Fort Box works with many creatives in London. We make it our mission to form close relationships with our customers. It helps us match our storage packages with our customers’ changing needs. We use this experience to help other people in similar situations and to add to available storage options.

We have a variety of storage options to suit any creative individual or company. If you need a larger unit to store your film production company’s equipment, look no further. You might not be sure what size storage unit you need. The Fort Box team are always available to work with our customers should they need to up or downsize their current storage unit.

Our storage plans are affordable, and we often have special deals to assist in keeping costs low. At Fort Box, we understand that being an artist means maintaining manageable overheads. We believe that storage should be inclusive, and we do this be offering fair prices.

Fort Box has facilities in Chelsea and St. John’s Wood are in ideal locations for any creative person in London. You might even choose to use your storage unit as an alternative studio space. This can save hundreds of pounds in rent and business rates while avoiding long lease periods. Some of our business customers run their entire business from their Fort Box self storage unit because they have everything they need. It makes sense that a creative could apply this to save money.

At Fort Box, we believe that the creative industry is a crucial part of our culture. It’s something that should be celebrated. That’s why it can be devastating to hear of an artist losing their entire life’s work. It’s time to give your work and equipment the level of security it deserves with Fort Box’s storage options.

The Fort Box team understands that when you put creatives first, everything else works.

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