Home Inventory Apps

Home Inventory Apps

Is your home getting cluttered and you never seem to know where you’ve put things? Or maybe you have a garage or loft full of unlabelled boxes, and you’re dreading the time where you must brave the mammoth task of sorting it all out? Fear not – there’s always a way to make life easier now, and technology has provided us all with a cheap and easy way to keep an inventory that you can update and save with a minimal amount of effort and that by downloading a home inventory app.

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Great Reasons to Move to London

London is an amazing place – there really is no other city like it. That’s why thousands of people chose to relocate to work or study in the capital every year. Fort Box is very proud to be part of this unique and vibrant city, and we’ve been lucky enough to work with thousands of Londoners and people who have relocated here.

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How Storage can Help Landlords in St. John’s Wood & Chelsea

St. John’s Wood and Chelsea are renowned for being prime residential areas in London and being a landlord in either can be a great way to run a profitable and successful business – especially if you have properties in both! Even when there are blips in the housing market, rental values the residential properties for these areas rarely suffer and people are still drawn to live or stay in these areas for long-term and temporary periods.

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