Smarter Uses of Space – Self Storage

The spaces where we live our lives are often overlooked in their importance. However, at Fort Box, one of the messages we discuss at length with our customers is the importance of the spaces where they live and work in. The places where you eat, where you sleep, where you watch TV or listen to music, where you entertain your friends and spend time with your family; the places where you meet with your team to discuss that week’s agenda, the places you make crucial decisions and game-changing business proposals – it’s within these spaces that a lot of our lives exist, and it’s of utmost importance to make the most out of them.  Continue reading “Smarter Uses of Space – Self Storage”

London Start-ups First Home

It’s time to make a stand – you’re ready to announce yourself as one of London’s next entrepreneurs. The business plan has been written and rewritten numerous times, the budget is set, the cash flow and hypothetical forecasts are in place, you’ve spoken to an accountant and you’re in the process of registering your business. You’ve spent the last twelve-months raising finances, you have a proposed client list, enough money for you to survive the first year – and now it’s time to take the next vital step – your new start-up company needs a home.

Continue reading “London Start-ups First Home”