Tips On Getting Rid Of Unwanted Furniture

Spring is often the time when thoughts turn to freshening up the home and perhaps investing in some new furniture. On the other hand, you may be thinking of downsizing, which will involve sacrificing some older furniture. Either way, these handy tips will help you decide what to do with the furniture you no longer want or use.

Moving furniture around is often a big task, particularly when it comes to larger items like sofas so it is worth planning what can be done with your furniture items to make the removal process easier.

If the furniture happens to be in a poor state of repair, then you probably have no option other than to break it up and take it to the nearest skip for recycling.

If the furniture remains in good shape and the only reason for getting rid of it is to buy something a little more up to date, then there are plenty of charities who will be only too happy to take the furniture off your hands. Many will even come and collect it, to save you money on transportation costs. Just make sure the furniture you’re giving away is worth their time.

If you think that there will be some demand on the second hand market for your furniture, then try selling it on ebay on a collect only basis.

If, however, you need a bit of time to decide on what to do with your old furniture, you could always store it in self-storage to free up space.

Spring Cleaning and Storage Tips

Although El Nino looks to be having a big influence on weather patterns here in the UK, we have hopefully seen the end of snow and gales and we can now look forward to a bit of spring cleaning. Here are some of our helpful tips to help make sure it goes smoothly.

Planning things in the right order
Planning your work in advance will not only help you work more efficiently, it will also mean that you limit any costly mistakes. So for example if you plan to decorate the living room, ensure that you move furniture out or cover any heavy items prior to starting work. Also make sure that you have enough room for temporary storage. If not then consider temporary self-storage until the work is done.

Start work at the top
Whether you are painting a wall, hanging wallpaper or cleaning you will be starting work from the top down. The same applies to rooms in your house. If you are cleaning up the whole house for spring then you don’t want to be making a mess or spilling paint on areas you have already cleaned.

Fix broken items
If there are any jobs you have been putting off in the house now is the time to fix them as the weather gets better. Plus if you’re fixing items before you clean then you can avoid having to do the cleaning work twice if what you are repairing involves lots of mess.

Jetting off for a family holiday? 5 Reasons To Opt For Short Term Self Storage

When thoughts turn to holidays, it is easy to be distracted by thoughts of spending time on sunny beaches, sipping cocktails and taking a dip in the pool. It’s also important however to think about what you’re leaving behind and how safe it will be while you’re away. So here are our five reasons to opt for short term self-storage to make sure your holiday is a relaxing one.

Your valuable items will be safely locked away out of sight
When it comes to your valuables, if you are away for weeks at a time, leaving them in your property is presenting an opportunity for thieves and burglars. Unfortunately no house is burglar proof and even though you may have insurance to cover this eventuality, some items have sentimental value and you won’t want to lose those. Short term self-storage gives you the option of packing these things safely away until you get back.

You will be more relaxed knowing your valuables are safe
Have you ever been on holiday wondering if you locked the door or if you have turned off the switches in the house? This happens to all of us but you can at least rest a little easier that all your most valuable items are safely packed away in one of our self-storage units.

You won’t be tied into long self-storage contracts
Some methods of self-storage mean that you have got to enter into a long contract. Fortunately there are shorter term agreements today that provide more flexibility and these can be worked around your travel plans.

Boat Storage Tips

The boating season is now upon us and it’s a wonderful time of year to be chugging along the canal on a boat as the season turns from spring to summer. To enjoy this experience at its fullest, it will of course be necessary to make sure your boat is cleaned up and decluttered first! So here are some boat storage tips to set you on your way.

Review your storage

If your boat is used mainly for recreation as opposed to living on it permanently, it may have become cluttered with all kinds of things you may not need. Those people who live on their boats will already have all kinds of clever storage solutions and be familiar with space saving. For the rest of us it’s time to look at what you need and what you don’t need to store on your boat.

Find hidden storage space
If you find getting rid of certain items tough, then there is probably a lot of hidden storage space on your boat between cupboards or a perhaps in baskets or shelves.

Invest in an e-reader
One of the pleasures of getting out on the boat is enjoying the peace and quiet. It’s the perfect time to catch up on some reading but instead of cluttering up the boat with books why not consider an e-reader where you can store an unlimited amount of novels to keep you going.