4 Ways To Organise Those Outdoor Toys This Spring

Spring is here and it’s time to organise all those outdoor toys for the kids but first you may need to consider clearing out some of those winter toys first to make room.

As anyone who has children will know, toys only hold the interest for so long before they get bored and start looking for the next interesting toy to play with. Unfortunately with each new toy, there is that bit less space in the home to play with.

This will become more evident as the better weather approaches and they want to play with bikes, paddling pools, scooters swings footballs and so on.

Probably number one on the list of items to put away in storage will be winter sports gear which will usually include heavy coats, jackets, skis, snowboards and so on. Self-storage is an ideal for storing these kinds of items so you can free up space in areas like the garden shed or garage.

One of the great things about summer toys is, you can usually store them outside as long as the weather is good but if there are items that won’t take kindly to the frequent rainstorms we get in the UK then you can always put some extra shelves up in the garage for smaller toys.

Toy bins are also great for small and medium sized toys and they can make tidying up much easier. If you do put toys away in boxes or bins don’t forget to label them!

Getting Your Holiday Rental Ready For The New Season

Holiday season is rapidly approaching in the UK and if you have a rental property by the sea that you want to maximise the return on, preparation is vital.

If you own a house in a picturesque area of the UK or you have recently purchased a property for investment, then hopefully you will have carried out an inspection by now before renting it out. Even the best kept houses can hide a multitude of problems if they have been used regularly.

Even if they are left unattended for a few months, you may find that there are more issues than you bargained for when you go and open it up. Houses left for a time can develop a damp odour so the first thing to do is open all the windows and put some heating on to warm things up and get rid of the dampness.

Now will be a good time to put together a check list so that you are aware of any problems before your visitors arrive. This can then be signed by them prior to moving in so that you don’t end up paying for damage you didn’t cause.

Often preparing a house for tenants short or long term will involve a complete tidy up. The best way is to put anything that isn’t required into storage so that you have more space to work with. The interior can then be redecorated without much fuss and you’ll have your house looking its best for the summer.

Storing Your Guitar

London the UK’s capital city has not surprisingly been at the epicentre of the UK music scene on and off since music scenes began. Even Liverpool band The Beatles shifted their recording to Abbey Road and helped shape the future development of music way back in the 1960s.

Guitars of course have played a major part in the development of modern music. Rock bands still rely on guitars to make music and it’s a virtual certainty that the next big guitar band is out there in London waiting to be discovered.

Moving back down to earth, however, the cost of a good guitar can run into several thousand pounds, so it is well worth making sure that it is stored properly to avoid damage -e even if you are a cash-strapped busker!

Excess heat is one of the biggest threats to a guitar. Guitar parts are said to liquefy at 140 Fahrenheit. While this might sound impossibly hot, consider for a moment that the temperature on the inside of a car left out in the sun can reach 175 degrees.

Clearly that sort of extreme temperature isn’t good for a guitar and can leave you spending more money on repairs. Guitars can also be damaged by too much moisture particularly when it comes to the wood which can warp over time.

Dust can also be a problem, if your guitar is left gathering it over an extended period of time.

To avoid these problems, storing your instrument in self-storage can be an option. As long as it is packed away correctly it will be safe from damage.

How To Prepare Your House For Sale This Summer

Around half of estate agents believe that how a home is presented by its owners has an influence on potential purchasers.

This means that how your home is staged should be high on your list of priorities not only if you want to secure that important sale but also if you want to achieve the asking price.

A house with an inviting atmosphere is said to influence more than 80% of buyers according to some studies, so if your home is either cluttered or dull and lifeless, you can expect to have a hard time convincing people to take a house off your hands.

So what should you do to make sure your home is presented well?

  • Make sure your floors are clean. If it has carpet make sure it is reasonably new and free from dust and stains. The same goes for other types of flooring you may have in your home.
  • If you’re preparing a house for a summer sale make sure the outside looks as tidy and welcoming as the inside. Hanging baskets filled with flowers always make a house look more welcoming.
  • Get rid of any clutter in your home to make the most of your space. Keep furniture away from windows so that you’re not blocking the light.

Now might also be a good time to think about moving any items you don’t need in the summer into storage to free up extra space in places like the garage.