Renting Out Your House This Year? Here Are Some Storage Tips

The number of landlords, both accidental and professional has risen rapidly over the past decade. The attractions of renting out a property are obvious for those who buy in good areas while for those who have no choice other than to rent out a property, they can at least cover mortgage payments.

One of the main hurdles to those who are forced by circumstance to rent out a home is where to store furniture and other items from a house that will need to be cleared out for a tenant. If you decide to let your property furnished, then storage issues are unlikely to be a problem, but if you don’t want the hassle of insuring all those items when your tenant moves in then self-storage can give you better peace of mind. You will also be able to keep furniture in good condition for a time when you might need it.

Letting a furnished home on the other hand can mean that furniture and household appliances end up suffering damage. There will be very little difference in the rent you can charge on a furnished as opposed to an unfurnished house so you will need to decide if self-storage is the better option long term.

Packing Up And Moving To A House Boat? Here’s How Self Storage Can Help

There’s nothing like the tranquillity and relaxation you get trundling along on a canal boat through the great British countryside. While most people see spending time on a houseboat as a leisure pursuit, there are some who decide that a life on a houseboat should be full time.

For those people who are considering packing up their belongings and moving onto a houseboat, sacrifices will inevitably need to be made when moving from a house which has a large storage capacity to a canal boat that has very little in comparison.

Certainly to get the full enjoyment of a houseboat full time, you don’t want to be climbing over furniture and lots of clutter, which is where self-storage can come in particularly handy. Putting your items away in self-storage is probably far more cost effective then keeping them stored in a house you won’t be living in and it will free up some extra cash to enjoy retirement of perhaps extend your adventures.

Alternatively if you have grown attached to many of your possessions, house boat design has come a long way and there are plenty of ingenious ways to maximise what bit of space you have.

Should You Do Removals Yourself Or Hire Someone

Removals isn’t rocket science and many people opt to do it themselves rather than hire a professional removals firm to move furniture and other household items to a new home or self-storage. The question is, is it worth doing it yourself?

Which option you go for is likely to be determined by the amount of belongings you have to move and how far you have to move them.

If you have the contents of a whole house to move, it’s likely you’ll go for option 1. If you have a smaller property or flat, or are in furnished rented property you may prefer option 2 or 3. Whichever option you are taking, if you have enough notice about moving there is one thing you can do that could save you time and money – have a good sort out! There is no point in paying for space in a removal van (or self storage unit if having to store short term between moves) only to get to your new property and immediately throw things away. Clear that garage, loft and garden shed before you get your quotations. Now a couple of important questions to ask yourself if you’re still not sure about which removals route to go down.

Q1 – Can I fit everything in the one van?
The answer will of course depend on the size of the van, but to be sure about what fits, you need to be clear about how much stuff you have and also have an idea about how to pack it. A 12ft x 12ft room full of furniture and belongings does not require transport or storage of the same proportions. Things can be boxed or stacked. If using a removal company the number of rooms you have will help them estimate the size and number of vehicles required.

Q2 – How far do I have to travel?
Can the removals be completed in one journey? If you’re travelling a long distance and you’re moving yourself it’s not likely to be cost effective if you have to make multiple journeys, but may be achievable if you’re only moving a few streets away. For removal companies, the distance you are moving will factor in any quotation given.

Q3 – Have I got anyone to help me?
This may be relevant if using a removal company and will depend on the service option you have taken. But if moving yourself it’s quite important. What if things don’t quite fit? Is it worth the cost of another van or trip, or can friends or family members take the overflow? In terms of time, a few friends helping could be the difference between the ability to move yourself or not and could save time and money.

Q4 – Is insurance included?
When using a removal company there should be a level of insurance cover for your belongings included but check the small print. Exactly what is covered? Does it matter where (if any) the damage occurs; in transit or while being unloaded etc. If you have valuables, is the level of insurance cover provided enough? If moving yourself or using a man with a van, is there any insurance at all? Will your existing house contents insurance cover your move?

Q5 – Will I need storage?
This may seem an odd question as we’re talking about removals but with more people self building there is often a need to store some house contents. People take some of their belongings to a rented property while storing the rest until the new property is completed. In addition, we are finding that more people are not willing to risk losing the sale of their existing property if they can’t find their dream home. More and more people move into smaller rented accommodation while continuing their search.

Once you’ve decided on which removals option you are going to take, make sure you avoid damage by packing and transporting your belongings safely.

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It’s 2016 – Time For A Spring Clean!

It may not be spring just yet, but hey it’s been a long winter and there’s nothing like getting things done and out of the way early and that includes decluttering.

You may have been putting off having a clean-up in the festive period and if you have, the chances are your house will be full of Christmas clutter such as Christmas decorations toys (if you have kids) and even food, that probably didn’t get eaten.

All of this can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed at the start of the year when there isn’t much to look forward to in the short term other than lighter nights.

At least clearing out your cupboards and having a tidy up will give you that early feeling of accomplishment those failed New Year’s resolutions failed to provide.

During any tidy up operation, the first thing to do is find a space for all the items so that you can put the stuff you are most likely to be using in a place that is accessible. Self-storage can help with this because you can provide a home for your items while you figure out how to reorganise your cupboards and perhaps even your furniture.