Where Are You Going To Hide Your Presents This Year?

Christmas will soon be upon us and if you’re one of the many people who leave shopping to the last minute, trying to find the space to store all your presents can be just as stressful as trying to buy everyone the perfect gift.

If you find yourself in this permission don’t worry, we have put together some ideas to help you.

Well we would suggest this wouldn’t we. But self-storage can provide an ideal home for all the presents you need to store away before Christmas. Not only will a storage unit put them all out of sight, it will also make it less likely the kids will discover what you bought them and shatter their illusions of Father Christmas and all that.

In the Garage or Shed
If you don’t have room in the house, then storing away presents in the shed or the garage could be an option – if you live in a 100% crime free area. Unfortunately nobody can guarantee that your belongings are safe in the shed not only because a shed is far less secure than a house, but if the shed has a window it would be an open invitation to thieves.

At The Office
Assuming you have already thought about the old favourites such as the cupboard or the attic, the office might just provide a temporary solution. A temporary solution if you’re the boss that is. Bringing a load of presents into work may not be a good idea if you’re a member of staff as your stuff may end up taking up space and colleagues might be disappointed that none of the presents are for them.

Top 3 Toy Storage Tips

With Christmas just days away, most of us can look forward to a bit of well-earned rest, feasting, merriment and if you have kids, lots of new toys!

Just when you thought that you had packed all those summer toys away neatly, whatever free space you had in the garage is suddenly filled with the latest bikes, scooters, remote controlled cars and so on… then you’re back to square one.

But don’t despair you can sit back and relax this year with the following toy storage tips:

The key to good storage is organisation. If there is any unused space you’re not filling, now is the time to empty everything out and maximise it. Garage hooks and extra shelving can help a lot if you don’t have these already.

Invest in some heavy duty storage containers
Cardboard boxes are a cheap way to store things short term but they are vulnerable to damp conditions. They will also wear out quickly when under heavy use so to save all those toys spilling out of toy boxes invest in some plastic storage containers.

Label your containers
It’s easy to lose things in storage so it will save a lot of trouble further down the line if boxes are labelled clearly. Having boxes for say computer games or jigsaw puzzles will save you having to get everything out again to find what you are looking for.

If you still find that you are pushed for space why not give us a call and we’ll give you some affordable self-storage options.

Post-Christmas Storage Tips

As we’re building up to Christmas, what we’ll be doing after the Turkey has been eaten and the drinks cupboard has been emptied will probably be the last thing on our minds. With the festivities however, comes a pile of gifts that wanted or not, will start taking up space in your house soon enough. So with this and other storage needs to consider, here are some tips to help you plan ahead.

Out with the old, in with the new
If you receive lots of gifts, at least some of them are likely to be replacing items you may already have stored away. To use space more efficiently, it is worth getting rid of older items or perhaps even selling them to make room.

Have your children grown out of their old toys?
Christmas usually brings an avalanche of new toys that you will need to find a home for, yet there will already be plenty of old toys taking up space. If you find yourself overwhelmed then it might be time to sort through older toys that are rarely played with or toys your children have grown out of. This needn’t mean throwing them out, however, as some could be sold on or donated to charity.

Christmas decorations
It’s a sad day (or a relief) when the decorations are coming down for another year but remember, you will still need them next year so make sure you store them away in containers out of areas where traffic is high in your home. If you find yourself stuck for space you could always use our self- storage facility to pack away your decorations and other items you don’t use very often.

Christmas Decoration Storage Tips

If you happen to have pulled out your Christmas decorations this year only to find that they’re either broken or they don’t look quite as good as they did last year, then now is the ideal time to think about how you will store away this year’s decorations.

Get rid of broken decorations
With all the parties happening over the Christmas period, decorations can easily get damaged. Fairy lights that are left gathering dust for 12 months might also be broken so it is worth checking them over to make sure you’re not simply storing broken items for next year.

Organise your Christmas decoration storage
Christmas decorations can often be fragile, particularly those items made of glass so it is worth packing them away separately into boxes with extra padding so they don’t get broken. If you are packing away fairly lights, make sure they are untangled first. Also if you have a lot of items stored away, it will be easier to label your boxes so that you can find them in 12 months. A lot can happen in a year and things can soon get lost in the clutter.

Store Decorations Out of the Way
Store you items in an out of the way place such as an attic or storage cupboard. This will help prevent damage but make sure that the storage space isn’t cold or damp as this may damage certain materials over time.