Top tips for how to best store your wine at home in time for Christmas!

Whether you’ve been given a case as a special gift, a bottle to mark a milestone or you’re preparing for a special event (Christmas and New Year!) – make sure you’re wine is looked after at home.

Keep it cool!
Wine doesn’t like heat and temperatures higher than 21° C will age it more quickly than necessary. If it gets much hotter your wine might begin to ‘cook’ resulting in flat aromas and flavours. The ideal temperature range to store wine is between 7° C to 18° C.

Turn all the lights off
As well as heat, light – especially sunlight – can pose a threat to the long-term storage of wine. The sun’s UV rays can degrade and prematurely age wine which is why it comes in coloured glass bottles to protect the liquid from sunlight.

Keep the temperature the same at all times
Sudden changes of temperature are permanently damaging. On top of cooked flavours, the expansion and contraction of the liquid inside the bottle might push the cork out or cause seepage. So where possible, make sure you’re storing wine in a place that has a constant temperature.

Thats just a few tips for you to start off your Christmas with a pop!

Why It’s Never Too Soon To Get Organised

Getting organised is something that is often left until January when it’s time for new year’s resolutions. However it can be far more satisfying to get the organising done earlier rather than put it off until a later date.

Getting more organised and reducing clutter in our lives is something we can all benefit from – not least the psychological relief it provides. It is a well-known fact of life that clutter can end up costing money, time and even out emotional wellbeing.

At Fortbox we believe our self-storage doesn’t just provide a place to store your stuff, it also provides something beyond that. It gives our customers the chance to de-clutter their lives. It gives them space to breathe.

Have you ever noticed how simply decluttering your wardrobe can give you an enormous sense of satisfaction? Life is so much better when you are able to find things to wear rather than be confronted with a pile of disorganised clothes.

Often you can end up shopping for more clothes and spending money you don’t need to spend just because you can’t find a pair of jeans or that favourite jumper you bought last year.
Self-storage is something everyone with a cluttered home should try.

Storage For Retired Downsizers In London

London may be seen as a city for young people, but recent surveys have discovered that it is actually older retired people who find the city just as appealing. This means Fortbox self-storage comes in particularly hand for those who need to downsize.

The stereotypical view of pensioners is that they want to retire away to live in a bungalow close to the sea or in some quiet countryside setting. This may have been the case for past generations, but cities like London are increasingly becoming a magnet for wealthier pensioners who actually thrive on the hustle and bustle of city life.

Transport connections are far better than you will find in a small town or village and there is so much more entertainment on offer. Many pensioners like the idea of becoming anonymous in a big city as well as the mental stimulation, fast moving city life provides.

Living in London, however, could never be described as cheap. Pensioners will need a generous pension to afford the higher cost of living but the upside is pensioners will often only need a small apartment to live in. This can save money and if storing away a lifetime’s worth of memories is a problem, the London is where self-storage can be a cost effective option.

How To Organise Your Fortbox Storage

If you want to get the full benefit of our storage facilities then planning in advance how that storage will be used is always a good idea. When it comes to storage some people think that simply tossing everything into the unit is a good idea.

There are two problems with the toss it into the unit approach however. Firstly, it will be harder to find particular items if they have no particular home in the storage unit. Some items might get mixed up with parts stored in different locations. This often results in emptying out the whole unit just to find one or two small items.

Secondly, simply tossing items into the self-storage unit will not make the best use of the space provided. It’s surprising how much can be packed in to a storage unit if the full vertical space is utilised correctly.

While cardboard boxes are a popular choice for self-storage items, they can also be flimsy. Storing heavy items in cardboard boxes will almost inevitably cause them to split open over time. This results in more work re-packing items. Clear plastic containers can be a much more robust alternative and you will actually be able to see what is inside.

Avoiding those Christmas disasters!

At Fortbox, we like to give you a helping hand through big occasions and offer you tips to make those days a LOT easier!

Having people to stay this christmas?
There is no need to get ‘hung’ up on limited wardrobe space with this simple trick! Use a tag from your empty can to join two hangers together, doubling the amount of clothes space in your wardrobe… literally!

If you have lots of children running around this christmas door stoppers can be made at home from spare cardboard, and are a quick solution to stop fingers getting trapped in doors. You could even get the kids involved to paint them in whatever way they like!

To do lists
In ever house it is vital to have a to do list, why no use the remains of your parchment paper this christmas and use a loop of string with as many coloured pens as you would like!

Cable management
Whether it’s in the living room, bedroom or office, there is bound to be a range of wires leading to who knows-where or children wondering hands! Labelling each one with what it’s connected to will save you time and frustration when you need to move those wires around and out of reach!

Making Space For Winter

October feels like summer has gone, and it’s time to prepare yourself for the long winter ahead. Summer lovers may feel slightly dismayed, however there’s nothing better than a spruce up of your home to get you feeling energised.

Blankets, winter duvets, fluffy cushions and heavy curtains will all contribute to making the season more comfortable. You can use Fortbox to switch up your home; store away your lighter, brighter summer interiors and replace them with cosy ones. With small to large storage spaces for great prices and great deals there’s no reason to be cold this winter!

A great way to save your wardrobe from becoming like Narnia is using storage for your summer and winter clothing. Your warm jackets can come out now, making room in your storage space for the summer clothes you’re not going to need.

Garden furniture and children’s play equipment, such as climbing frames, trampolines and swings, can all become damaged during the winter due to lack of use and bad weather. Extend their life expectancy by storing them away for the harsher seasons; we have a big selection of rooms available to fit items of all shapes and sizes.Bazoongi-Deluxe-14-Trampoline-lg

It’s Time To Put Those Golf Clubs In Self-Storage

If you live in the UK there is a good chance that you will be putting away those golf clubs around about now ready for the long winter ahead when you will need to find other things to do with your time.

Late autumn is usually the time of year most golfers hate. It’s often rainy, windy and cold out on the golf course even if there can still be a few nice frosty mornings to get out and practice.

In most cases however November is often the time when golf clubs are put away in storage. However storing away golf clubs as with other items needs to be done carefully to make sure they are in the best shape for next year.

The first thing to do before putting golf clubs in storage is to clean them. Clubs can often be muddy and when that mud dries on over time it can be harder to remove.

If you are cleaning them with a wet cloth, then make sure you dry them out before storing them to avoid damage to the clubs.

Woods and irons can be vulnerable to scratches so it is worth putting protective covers on them before storing them away.

Golf carts can take up a lot of space in the home or office, so self-storage can save you a lot of grief at home or at work!