Small Business Storage Advice

There has been a huge explosion in the number of home-based businesses. Anyone with an Internet connection and a bit of spare cash can buy some goods and sell them online. The only problem is where to store the goods…

Affordable storage units are an ideal solution if you find yourself being short on space. Often when starting out in business, the garage, the garden shed or any spare space in the house ends up being used to house the numerous cardboard boxes and other packaging you need. Things can often get so cluttered it becomes impossible to tidy the house properly and self-storage for business can help relieve the burden significantly.

Not only will flexible self-storage mean you don’t get tied into long contracts as you would if you rent a warehouse for this purpose. You can simply rent storage space as an when you need it and continue to work from home.

Using self-storage for your business means you will have greater security with someone keeping an eye on things 24/7 so you have one less thing to worry about. If you buy a lot of goods in only to end up having them stolen, it can severely impact on the survival of the business.

Going Away? Here’s Some Storage Advice For Long Trips

It’s great to be able to get away on a road trip and do a bit of exploring. With no passport checks or border controls in Europe, you can cover a lot of miles in just a few days but for extended trips, you might want to find an alternative storage solution to keep your belongings safe and secure.

If you’re road trip is happening after finishing university then the need for storage is likely to be far greater than for a family where most things can be stored back at home (assuming you have someone to check things are ok now and then!).

In both cases to be 100% secure, you may want to store items that are of exceptional value in a place that is secure 24/7. Insurance will of course cover you for any lost items but some of those items are priceless and no amount of financial assistance can bring them back. In these cases using self-storage is a sensible and more secure alternative.

If you happen to be technically homeless apart from living at mum and dads when you have finished University then you may find self-storage even more useful so that you can relax on your long trip away knowing your possessions are safe.

Storage For Art And Crafts

If you enjoy being creative and have a large amount of artwork lying around the house then self-storage could be a solution particularly if you are running out of room.

If you happen to be a struggling artist, it can be tough finding space to store your work at home. Even more so if you share a house or apartment with someone else and there is a risk one of your future masterpieces could get damaged.

Choosing to store your art in self-storage is certainly a sensible option even if you just need some space to work. I have met many artists who work in a studio and work on a new canvas on a daily basis. If they are running a business, then even in studio things can get very cluttered, so freeing up space can get things more organised.

Alongside you art you may be building up a large collection of materials for the work. You may want to store paper for example in a place that doesn’t get damp. Paint too can be a problem if you need to store a lot of it, so our storage facilities can also help for this purpose s well.

Apartment Storage Tips

Living in an apartment is great if it’s big and you’re a minimalist kind of person. But what happens when you begin to outgrow it and like many people in the UK you’re stuck in it because you can’t afford to move out and buy a house? Fear not, there may still be plenty you can do to maximise the small space you have.

The key to getting the most out of your apartment is to make use of secret storage spaces. If the sliding wardrobes are crammed full and you don’t have any outdoor space, you will be surprised what you can tuck away in smaller secret places.

Of course if you pack an apartment with furniture that doesn’t double up as storage then you might be in trouble or it may be time to invest in furniture that does the trick.

Choosing a bed with some drawers in is ideal because simply storing stuff loose under a standard bed will not make the best use of what can be a considerable storage space.

Then think about introducing a sofa that has built in storage space and other furniture items such as ottomans and chests which not only make a feature, but also provide home for a lot of items you will need to find on a regular basis.