Getting Ready For Storage In The Autumn

As the season changes from summer to autumn many people will be starting to think about what they are going to do to free up space in the house when it is full of things like bicycles, surf boards and all those other outdoor sports items.

Going for regular long distance bike rides and heading down to the beach becomes less appealing when the summer is gone and the changeable, often cool autumn weather approaches. This can leave us not only stuck indoors wishing it was summer, but also scratching heads about what to do with that mountain bike and surf board that seemed like a great thing to buy just a few months ago.

Cramming them into a wardrobe or squeezing them into the bedroom is not really a great option if you happen to live in an apartment. Having large things stored where they shouldn’t be isn’t great if you like to keep the place tidy and the rest of your stuff accessible.

A great solution is to store your bulky summer gear away ready for next year. Our self-storage facilities allow you to do this at an affordable cost so that you can enjoy what’s left of summer without worrying about where you’re going to put everything later.

How Do You Store The Kids Stuff When They Leave Home?

This is a question many parents will be asking themselves particularly at when it’s time to leave home for university and so on. The dilemma faced by most parents is what to do with their stuff?

Apparently 17% of children leave a room full of stuff behind when they leave home. Yet leaving for University and perhaps to go and rent a place for a while means that the kids are less likely to want to return home in the future.

So parents face some agonising choices. Do they simply keep the room as it is, just in case they ever want to return home? Or do they find somewhere to store all the stuff?

The first option has more disadvantages than advantages. Sure the not-so-young-kids will like the idea that there is always a backup bedroom for them if life away from home gets too tough. The problem is that the room then becomes a no-go area and if you’re pushed for space or you have plans for the room then as parents you will be stuck.

So the solution to all this is to look at the option of using a self-storage company. Rates are actually quite affordable for long term storage and if the kids really do decide to return home after university even if it’s for the summer, you will at least have all their stuff available in storage while you keep the house tidy for the rest of the year.

Make Space In Your Property Ready For The Price Boom

Mortgage rates could start to rise again soon. This could result in a scramble to buy property which in turn leads to pressures on the supply of housing and price hikes. So if you own a property and you are looking to sell in the next 12 months what should you be doing now to plan your move?

One of the first things to think about when you are selling your property is how to present it and how to store all that extra furniture and other possessions that have accumulated over the years. In other words it is probably time for a sort out.

When people come to view your property the last thing they want to see is a house full of clutter so it is worth sorting out the things that are no longer needed and the things you want to keep. If you are planning to move to a larger house and are in the position to move without emptying your old house, then you will be in a relatively good position. Most of the population however will still be living in the old house until they sell up.

In the case of the latter it is worth considering self-storage as an option to start the process of getting rid not only of clutter, but a lot of the other possessions you have that you want to keep.

Self-Storage Isn’t Just For Parents And Businesses

If you’re going away to university or having a gap year and your parents want to put your old room to better use, it can leave you wondering what to do with all your stuff. This is where self-storage can provide you with a handy way to keep things safe when you are moving from place to place.

At Fort Box Self Storage we offer a whole range of storage options and there are even vans available to help pick up your stuff. This is takes away the headache of spending money on van hire and provides the added benefit of having your possessions stored in a secure environment rather than leaving it to chance.

Having your stuff located in self-storage also gives you options and more freedom to decide when and where you will be living rather than having to rush to decide. If you don’t happen to own that much or if you only have a few things that need to go into storage, it is possible to share your storage with a friend to save a few pounds.

One thing to remember is that during busy times it may not be easy to book the storage space you need. It is advisable to book early to make sure your space is secured.