London Marathon Day

Well today is Marathon Day and London stands still to marvel at the athleticism of the brave and crazy runners. We will certainly have our eyes on the race and wish all of the runners the best of luck.

Whilst we look on in admiration for the super fit and make the annual promise to put on our running shoes, we are as always, amazed at the number of spectators who come out to show their support in their tens of thousands! The whole of London comes alive as it cheers on the Men and Women’s Elite runners and all of the charity runners in their spectacular costumes. So far today we have spotted a woman preparing to run in high heels and a woman in a Mona Lisa picture frame!

Perhaps some of our staff should run it next year dressed up in Fortbox storage boxes! What a great idea…….

Thankfully our storage locations in St Johns Wood and Chelsea are fairly unaffected by the marathon as we aren’t on the route. In fact, there are some great activities surrounding us that we may well get involved in today;

The finish line is probably the closest we get to the action with the final straight on the Mall. There is also a live music venue just up the road at Temple Place. In fact we may even pop down to the Red Lion, SW1A 2NH shortly to watch the Elite Men run the final mile.

Congratulations to everyone who is taking part today and well done London for organising yet another fantastic event!

Summer holiday storage solutions for students

As the warm weather begins its slow approach, students throughout the country can start to dream about the long awaited summer holidays. And London has more than it’s fair share of tired and bleary-eyed students blinking like moles after a long winter of studying and partying in equal measures.

So it is especially at this time of year that students are starting to think about their options when the end of term comes. Where do they live – do they go home or do they get a summer job? Will they need to find alternative student accommodation next term, and if so, what will happen to their enormous collection of beer bottles, vinyl records, fancy dress costumes and roadwork signs?

Well we are pretty sure that Mum and Dad won’t welcome these priceless memories turning up on their doorsteps for the summer break. So what’s the alternative?

Self-storage of course! Easy to access, affordable and secure, Fortbox is perfect for all of you students looking for somewhere to keep your possessions whilst you go travelling or earn a crust during the summer months.

There are so many diverse, weird and wonderful colleges and universities in London. We wonder exactly how many students will be having this same storage issue this summer. Here are just a few of the campuses that we know could benefit from using Fortbox Storage;

Heythrop College, University of London, Kensington Square, Kensington and Chelsea
London College, UCK, Kensington and Chelsea
London Electronics College, Earls Court, Kensington and Chelsea

According to Wikipedia – the font of all internet knowledge and myth, London has 40 Higher Education institutions and a student population of more than 400,000.

So if you think about how many of those students will have mountains of course books, projects and of course empty beer bottles to store over the summer, we can see that Fortbox is going to be very busy indeed over the next few months!

Self Storage Search Marketing for Kensington

Here is an article that may well give away some of Fortbox’s inner most secrets! Don’t worry – all of your possessions and information are completely safe with us! It is only our information we are giving away……

We write about storage so that you can find us! Shhhhhh. Don’t tell anyone. Or rather – please do tell EVERYONE! In fact you are welcome to shout about it! Fortbox write lots of blog posts and report on funny and interesting stories about storage so that you know that we exist.

And that is the big secret! Ok so we know it’s not that exciting, but you would be shocked how many businesses do not know this one small thing that can make such a big difference.

For example at the moment we want everyone in South and North Kensington to get in touch with us if they have storage needs. So how do we find out who these people are? Well we could take out an advert in the Kensington Express? We could place a huge poster on the Kensington underground? Dave could put on a sandwich board and go and stand on Kensington high street shouting about our amazing storage offers? Or perhaps all of the Kensington taxi drivers could tell you about our amazing storage facilities everytime you get in one of their cabs?

All great ideas, and I guess some of them might even work. But surely it is better if you can find us? That way, we don’t have to bore the rest of you who aren’t looking for storage solutions at the moment with our cheesy radio jingles or colourful posters? It also means that when you lovely Kensington folk do decide that you want to use self storage, you can simply type in ‘Storage Facilities in Kensington’ or something like that, and hopefully you will find Fortbox!

It doesn’t happen by magic, so the only way to make sure that you can find us when you want us is to make sure that we get on the first page of Google for as many search terms as possible. That is why we write these blog posts – well it is one of the reasons anyway. We also like to think that it gives our customers an impression of how friendly and approachable we are and sets us apart from any of our competing storage facilities in London.

We could keep rattling on about the technicalities of Search Engine Optimisation, Search Marketing, SEO and Social Media, but at the end of the day we are a storage company and that’s what we know most about, so I think we should leave it there.

But just for one last time today – if you are in Kensington, North Kensington, South Kensington, West Kensignton or indeed East Kensington, and you are looking for a brilliant storage facility – come to Fortbox!

Book your storage online now!

We know more than most people that time is so precious and even tasks such as booking your storage unit can seem like a time consuming task that you could just do without! Researching the correct facility and finding prices, comparing all of your storage quotes, deciding how much space you need, organising transportation, finding packing boxes…….the list goes on.

So to make things so much easier for you and to save a lot of time and effort, Fortbox allows you to reserve your storage space online. You can select your required space, find our storage locations, get directions, take advantage of our great offers such a free van rental and up to one month of free storage, all without having to even speak to us!

Simply complete our online form with as much information as you can – don’t worry – you can always change it if necessary and upgrade or downgrade as necessary. The important thing is to just take the first step. Complete the form, and we will take the pressure off you. One of our friendly storage advisors will contact you to check your exact requirements and make recommendations if we think it is needed. We will try our best to take some of the stress of the job off you and provide you with some peace of mind.

Your online reservation will be secured for up to 4 days until it is confirmed. We will send you a confirmation email with all of the information you have provided so that you have it all at hand. And just to be extra useful, here is a list of links to other things that we think you might need;

Packaging supplies
Storage services such as wifi, shredding and van hire
• Storage Insurance starting from just £3 a week
• Directions to our St John’s Wood and Chelsea Storage locations
• Reviews on our Google+ Page
o “I have been renting a unit with Fort Box for more than a year now and I frequently access my storage unit. It is always nice to see Dave, Kevin and Keith and they’re all equally friendly and helpful. Fort Box is a great place to rent your unit, with professional and friendly staff and competitive prices. I would definitely recommend!” Maarten Vooijis
• Up to date offers and information on our Fortbox Facebook page
To reserve your storage space, simply complete our fast and simple online form. Or if you prefer to speak to an actual person, you are welcome to do that too by calling us on 0800 023 7074