Fulham Palace – definitely worth a visit

Have you ever visited Fulham Palace? Did you even know that Fulham had a Palace? It has been the Bishop of London’s residence for over 12 centuries! That’s a very long time. And we think it is particularly interesting because just imagine the amount of fascinating stuff that is stored there.

In 700AD the Manor House in Fulham was bought by the Bishop of London and the land covered the whole of Hammersmith and Fulham, Ealing, Acton and Finchley. The Manor House later became known as Fulham Palace because bishops were considered to be ‘princes of the church’, according to the Fulham Palace website.

The Palace was also sometimes used as a court and developed into the Fulham Borough Council. There is a museum attached to the Palace these days in which you can see Roman coins and pottery as well as some every day items, which ‘provide clues as to how people in the past lived, worked and played at Fulham Palace’.

Storage can always provide clues as to what has happened in the past and the things that people used to do. It is so important for our future generations to keep a sense of history and that is just one of the reasons why we think safe storage is such a big deal. If all of those fabulous items hadn’t been stored safely in Fulham for all of those years we would know nothing about the history of Fulham or the people who lived there.

To keep your things safely stored in Fulham call Fortbox on 0800 023 7074.

Storage Wars Mania!

Last week we discovered the unbelievable number of storage units that are available in America – more storage units than McDonald’s restaurants! Whilst we were researching this particularly interesting fact we also came across the fanatical following that the programme Storage Wars has gained over the years. If you have never seen this programme it is currently showing on A&E Network in America, but is also a ridiculously popular programme on digital channels in the UK.

Basically the premise is that four ‘professional buyers’ and their teams bid against each other to win the contents of repossessed storage units. The contents of each unit is basically pot luck with the teams only being given small clues as to the actual contents. They are then able to auction off their findings and make profit – or loss, depending on their haul.

The programme has been highly criticised and accused of being staged by producers. A lot of people think that the contents of each storage unit is set up to make the programme more interesting, but we know from experience that a huge variety of weird and wonderful things can be put into self storage.

For example, did you know that 270 unreleased recordings of Michael Jackson were found in a storage unit after his father left them there, having forgotten about the rental unit? Also, apparently the actor Nicholas Cage kept a comic book worth $1 million in a storage unit. The comic in question featured the first ever appearance of Superman.

You see – storage can be a very interesting subject when you really start to look into it. Keeping our important things safe, is in our nature and people do it all over the world. Whether it is a comic worth millions, or maybe something that hasn’t got any value yet, but one day – you may just remember that old record collection in your rented storage unit and realise it is now a collectors item!

In the meantime, be sure to take a look at Storage Wars on ITV4 at the moment. We are sure you will become as addicted as us to this strange but fascinating reality TV show.

Fulham and Earls Court Storage Facility

Last month we did a whole blog post simply shouting about Chelsea and everything we could think of that Chelsea is famous for.

Now on reflection, we think – what a great idea! Basically we are launching our new storage facility in Chelsea this month. And we obviously want everyone to know about it because we want you to use it, whether it’s for self storage or commercial storage needs.

So this week, we want you to know that if you live in Fulham or Earls Court and you are looking for a great storage facility, then you have come to the right place! Hopefully if you have landed on this blog post, it is for one of two reasons;

1. You love our Blogging and can’t wait for your weekly catch up on the world of self storage!
2. Or, probably more likely, you have searched for ‘Storage facility in Fulham’ or ‘Self storage near Earls Court’.

So in order to make sure that this is the first place you come for storage facilities in Earls Court or Fulham, let’s do some research into what Earls Court and Fulham are famous for. Let’s start with Fulham;


• Like Chelsea, Fulham is clearly famous for it’s football obsession. Fulham FC
• Fulham FC are playing Huddersfield Town this weekend in the Sky Bet Championship.
• Fulham is one of the 35 major centres in London as identified in the London Plan.
• Fulham is in postcode district SW6.
• Chelsea FC is actually also situated in Fulham.
• Lily Allen is from Fulham, as is Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame!

Earl’s Court

• Earl’s Court is more widely known for its exhibition centre than for actually being a suburb of London.
• Howard Carter, the English archaeologist and discoverer of Tutankhamun lived at 19 Collingham Gardens in Earl’s Court.
• Diana Princess of Wales lived at 60 Colehern Court, Earls Court in the early 80’s.
• Earl’s Court is within easy reach of the Royal Albert Hall, Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.
• Earl’s Court is in postcode district SW6.

We know there are many much more interesting facts about Fulham and Earl’s Court but these are the ones that particularly stood out to us.

Well did you know that now there is an amazing new storage facility for residents and businesses located in SW6 Fulham and Earls Court? Of course you do because that is why you are here!

If you need a quality storage facility with professional, friendly staff and secure well managed storage for your house removals, furniture, business storage, or indeed any storage requirement, please do not hesitate to call Fortbox on 0800 023 7074.

More Storage Tips from the Storage Experts

I haven’t looked at this subject for a while, but it is worth re-examining what the latest thinking is among storage experts. I polled the ever-friendly staff at Fort Box and some of the removals experts they know – here is what I found out.

• Fill boxes to capacity but keep to the appropriate weight for the box, as partially full or bulging boxes may tip or collapse – use lightweight items such as cushions to ‘fill out’ space.

• Heavy items should be packed into small boxes so that they are easy to lift and do not damage the box material.

• Label or number boxes for easy reference when you need to locate your goods – this is a perennial favourite and not one you will appreciate until you see the chaos that can ensue when it’s not done properly!

• Make up an inventory of your stored items and keep it in a safe place at home. (Ask about our clever inventory management app and website called SmartTrakr™!)

• Dishes and glasses should be wrapped in tissue paper or bubble wrap before storing – yes, it is obvious but surprising how people take short cuts.

• Place heavy or bulky items in the room first to provide a good stacking base and to avoid ‘cardboard crush’.

• Plan your storage space – put those items that you need often near the front of your storage room.

• Always place a protective cover over your soft furnishings as they are easily damaged by coming into contact with anything else.

Do you have a storage advise to share? Let’s hear from you! Email me at louise@fortbox.co.uk.

Self-Storage Units Outnumber McDonalds!

Yes it is true – well in America at least, but we don’t think it can be far off for the UK either. According to a recent article that we stumbled across, there are 48,500 storage unit locations across the US. That is more than triple the number of McDonalds! That equates to 7 square feet of storage space nationally for each person in the US.

Sounds slightly unreal doesn’t it? Well we aren’t going to fall into the trap of believing everything we read online, so we will do some further digging and get back to you. If you happen to know any different, please do let us know.

Actually – just as we said that, we found another article claiming the same. It’s on a website called www.Rejournals.com.

“Think there’s a McDonald’s on every corner? Try counting the number of self-storage units dotting the country”.

Apparently it is true. This article backs up the first one and states that in America, the self-storage industry is the fastest-growing segment of the commercial real estate industry during the last 40 years!

This bloke Maurice Pogoda who is President of Farmington Hills – a self-storage facility in Michigan, says;

“There is about 7 square feet of self-storage space nationally for each person in the United States. That’s an awful lot of self-storage space. This sector isn’t under the radar any longer. It is very much a big business.

“When I started in this industry, self-storage was something no one knew about,” Pogoda said. “That has changed. Even though people don’t think of it as one of the major food chains in commercial real estate, it really is.”

So you see, self-storage is a growing trend in the times of austerity – a word we seem to be hearing a lot at the moment in the pre-election debates!

Please don’t be overwhelmed by the expanding number of storage options available. Take the sensible option and come to Fortbox where you know you will get great value and service. Satisfaction guaranteed every time. Just like McDonalds really!

Lets hear it for Chelsea!

Fortbox are new to the area so we thought we would take a look at some of the things that Chelsea is famous for and give them a shout-out.

So lets start with the obvious;

Chelsea FC – We can’t really expect to move to an area that is so proud of its football and not mention Chelsea FC! Fortbox of course has no particular affiliation to any football team, but we are sure our own team members have some very strong opinions on this subject. Fortbox welcome storage customers whatever football team they support, but as we are in Chelsea we expect some of you might be Chelsea supporters! In which case we wish Chelsea every bit of luck in the Champions League match against Paris SG on Wednesday. Come on Chelsea!!

Made in Chelsea – You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of this latest reality TV show. Based on the youth of our beloved Chelsea this docu-soap follows the everyday lives of people living in and around the Chelsea area. Did you know it actually broadcast its first show way back in 2011! So it isn’t actually that new afterall. But we thought we should definitely give it a mention because love it or hate it, Made in Chelsea has definitely put this part of London on the map.

Now here is an interesting fact that we didn’t know about Chelsea until recently. Did you know that Chelsea has one of the largest communities of Americans living outside of the US? Apparently – well according to Wikipedia, 6.53% of Chelsea residents were born in the US!

Actually – as we have started to write this, we have discovered that there are so many interesting facts about Chelsea that we can’t possibly fit them all onto one blog posts. So we will continue with our Chelsea trivia next time, but lets leave you with this one for now;

The word Chelsea originates from the old English word for ‘landing place for chalk or limestone [on the river]. Apparently! Thanks again Wikipedia!

Storage Units in Chelsea

You may have noticed that Fortbox have opened new storage units in Chelsea. This brand new storage facility increases our storage capacity for business and private use across London.

Newly opened in March 2015, the self-storage units will be serviceable to businesses and individuals living in the following areas;

Holland Park
Earls Court
South Kensington
Notting Hill

Including the areas listed above, if you live in any of the following postal code areas you will find that these new Chelsea storage units are the closest and best value storage units around; SW5, SW3, SW6, SW10, SW7, W14, W11, W8, W6, W2,

Fortbox storage facilities are perfect for house moves, secure storage, student storage, easy access storage, document storage, household storage and a whole host of other unbeatable storage solutions.

Call us on 020 7373 1000 to discuss your specific storage needs with us and feel free to pop in and have a look at our brand new Chelsea storage unit. If you have already used our storage facility in St John’s Wood in London, we are sure you will know to expect a state of the art storage facility in Chelsea and we are confident we will not disappoint you.

Our storage teams are looking forward to welcoming you to the Chelsea storage unit very soon.